low tempo ball 89 Chang vs Lendl

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Vito Abbate
Vito Abbate 3 meses
Chinese power
MerkinMuffly 6 meses
They also didn\'t show his underhand slice serve that caught Lendl off guard.
Geraint Atherton
Geraint Atherton 7 meses
Chang’s tactics to stop himself cramping up consequently caused the breaking of Lendl’s concentration and rhythm. The last things Lendl would have expected were moon balls and underhand serves. Nobody would have thought any the less of Chang if he forfeited. It’s amazing how resourceful people can be when they have nothing to lose.
Todd Gallagher
Todd Gallagher 8 meses
For anyone saying it wouldnt work now since guys can take the ball on the rise. No one was better at hitting on the rise than Agassi. Both players hit quite a few loopy balls. Agassi frequently utilized the moonball even on hardcourt.
Todd Gallagher
Todd Gallagher 8 meses
This would still be effective on the pro level if mixed in. Amazing that college and club players dont use it more.
Wilfried007 9 meses
lol this would not happen today
88feji 9 meses
Chang the original troller of tennis :)
Leo Catris
Leo Catris 9 meses
Felt sorry 4 lendl that day , he was in a lose lose situation . I\'ve got my suspicions bout Chang\'s cramps , he was running just fine when he had to .
novola1972 10 meses
Lendl has a huge forehand and would have killed it later in the match.
Leo Catris
Leo Catris 1 Año
Chang never had cramps ! Just couldn\'t go head to head with Lendl. Ivan crunched him the few times they met.
Reto Hähni
Reto Hähni 1 Año
haha, you play one such ball to rafa and he destroys it...
MarcusGL 1 Año
These called \"moonballs\" are so awsome , you don\'t see them anymore these days....
Mike Ni
Mike Ni 1 Año
lol that would piss me off
r 2 Años
What people don\'t realize is that Chang was struggling with severe cramps after the 4th set and even considered retiring in the 5th. This was one of his numerous tactics to 1. Throw off Lendl\'s concentration and 2. Alleviate his cramps. He would never sit down on change overs, he would always pace back and forth because he\'d risk not being able to get up if he sat down. He moonballed to gain extra time in recovery because he was slowing down, back then taking a ball on the rise was rare. He tried to do as little running as possible and also distracted Lendl and got the crowd fired up. He stood near the service line on his match point to distract Lendl, and it worked!
Ric D
Ric D 2 Años
this match will go down as one of the most incredible scenarios in sporting history
Gregory Mathews
Gregory Mathews 2 Años
Crazy how many people missremember this being the final, when it was just the 4th round and so Chang won 3 more matches after this match.