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Jordana T
Jordana T 12 minutos
0:53 you\'re welcome
Matt L
Matt L 25 minutos
Remember when Jaden was the weird one and Will was the cool one.. Now Jaden is the cool one and Will is the weird one.
Sreekar Pradyumna
Sreekar Pradyumna 27 minutos
Umm.. so.. I\'m supposed to believe that a Genie somewhere in the middle East sounds like a Will Smith? With that accent?
NevaehPlayz 4U
NevaehPlayz 4U 33 minutos
The monkey looking better than Will Smith
The legendary unicorn
The legendary unicorn 45 minutos
I don\'t get why everyone hates will smith as the genie to me it gives me modern vibes and I love it when disney movies are either live people or more modern
Kaloso Mbengwa
Kaloso Mbengwa 1 hora
Although it\'s not April I appreciate this early April fools joke from Disney every one in a while, so.... When is the actual trailer coming out?
Fan Artrx
Fan Artrx 1 hora
Xerkerz 1 hora
i came from jacksepticeyes laugh video green screen
이시현 1 hora
Plz tell me this video is some kind of prank
Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith 3 horas
Why does everything look awful? Come on! If you\'re going to make another trash remake, at least make it look good. Christ.
BossSpaz 3 horas
ah thats not hot
ProdYungLampshade 3 horas
god damn that cg is awful
The Brown Table
The Brown Table 3 horas
Tbh genie only looks bad when compared to will smith I think Y\'all are overeacting but the memes are funny so whatever
Galy The Sugar Lover
Galy The Sugar Lover 4 horas
Everyone is talking about the Genie, FOR A GOOD REASON But...... Can we talk about JAFAR!?
China Raven
China Raven 4 horas
If even the trailer is boring, there\'s a problem.
ChoklatMilc 4 horas
Will smith is on a streak. First it was rewind, now Alladin.
Tarrota Shy
Tarrota Shy 4 horas
Lol!!! Will Smith is like my most favorite actor I watched all of his movies
Guilherme Freitas
Guilherme Freitas 4 horas
will smith as the genie and the other guy as jafar... gosh
Silver T
Silver T 4 horas
Why just why
Hollow 5 horas
Deckerd Pain
Deckerd Pain 5 horas
Oh look Will Smith playing another cool role as Will Smith
Manuel 5 horas
The power of a genie is in his chin.
Douglas Monroe
Douglas Monroe 5 horas
Disney. Do yourself a favor and stop remaking live action classics. All you\'re gonna do is piss off a bunch of people and have them not go to see it. You think a guy like me brought RE2 remake because I enjoyed the original. I did but I also brought it because People had to wait 21 years for a remake or that game because they got a remake of the original game in 2002. Now it\'s an HD remaster. No one asked for a remake of Aladdin. So stop remaking films.
slavi nikolov
slavi nikolov 5 horas
Wert Gamer
Wert Gamer 5 horas
You ruin Kim Possible and now you ruin this? Ok no I hope Toy Story 4 is good YOU CAN\'T MESS UP MY CHILDHOOD TOY STORY
teemu Kuukasjärvi
teemu Kuukasjärvi 5 horas
Jou its rewind time
bluekulele 6 horas
I thought this was a fanmade trailer when I saw the thumbnail lol
bluekulele 6 horas
i just have one thing to say: wtf?
Alpha Edmonds
Alpha Edmonds 6 horas
I’m sorry, but I don’t see the problem with Will’s look. Is it perfect? Perfection is relative. Just mark up any weird looks to the fact that he is a mystical creature. He’s not your normal sci-if biological life form like on Avatar who look the way they do because of natural selection and evolution. And he should be a little scary too. He’s an all powerful magical imp, if you will, who manifests as a huge blue merman with a smoke tail. I’m more concerned with how old Aladdin looks.
Fish 6 horas
Will smith. The man who is slowly destroying his own career
Fish 6 horas
This is a joke right?
Candace Fitch
Candace Fitch 7 horas
will smith playing a slave, disney is rasists.
Commenter Pooper scooper
Commenter Pooper scooper 7 horas
Honestly if will Smith didn’t do YouTube rewind he wouldn’t get so many dislikes, what has YouTube done to my boi will smith though
Nymera 7 horas
Robin Williams just rolled in his grave.
AleTimZ YT
AleTimZ YT 8 horas
Will smith as the genie 😂
Dorrian Bridges
Dorrian Bridges 8 horas
What’s with Disney and all the remakes I think there running out of ideas
Matthew Poston
Matthew Poston 8 horas
Didn’t realise I was watching T-Series’ channel
GACHA STUFF! 9 horas
they totally chose the wrong person for the genie
Budget Banana
Budget Banana 9 horas
It’s rewind time
MichiganState 69
MichiganState 69 9 horas
The trailer actually looks amazing up to the point where (Will Smith) genie appears. I was getting goose bumps and very nostalgic up to that point. And that makes me sad, because I love Will Smith as an actor. So I feel heart broken watching this trailer.
Vanessa Belkic
Vanessa Belkic 12 horas
I just find Will Smith amazing for this movie role. Why are you guys making such a big thing of it?!
ThePoreproductions 12 horas
I hope this genie won\'t cuss. (you all should know what I\'m talking about HA HA HA HA!)
Michael Rosen’s grandad
Michael Rosen’s grandad 12 horas
J.c D E N T O N
J.c D E N T O N 12 horas
*when you fail at photoshoping*
hasima training
hasima training 12 horas
jafar supposed to be nasty i mean-
John Arch
John Arch 12 horas
I love will but he only knows how to act like will and lacks real acting talent when it comes to acting like something different from him. This is ganna suck, he couldn’t just act like the geni no he had to be will smith as geni.. typical
Jäger the Spawn peeker
Jäger the Spawn peeker 13 horas
0:53 boy really bout to get yo pickle chin ah boy
Abigail 13 horas
I never fully watched Aladdin as a child but this is honestly a disappointment
Xavier Yazzie
Xavier Yazzie 15 horas
whats wrong with his face.
Sherry King
Sherry King 15 horas
He looks like a cheap version of a smurf😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gerardo Lanci
Gerardo Lanci 15 horas
I can\'t wait for this genie to make fortnite references
Beans PvP
Beans PvP 15 horas
Is this a joke? Pls tell me this is a joke...
BlueskieTheBOSS 15 horas
Yoo! Its rewind time!
Frank Lenard Francisco
Frank Lenard Francisco 16 horas
Its OK for me actually
HORNET 16 horas
Who came here just to see willie
USSR Memes
USSR Memes 16 horas
That hot that hot
Alexis Zale
Alexis Zale 16 horas
Joe Kill
Joe Kill 16 horas
That Jafar is young and unimpressive and that cave is an insult to the epicness it was in the animation.
CoKane 16 horas
Is this some new bollywood movie?
Igg Gy
Igg Gy 17 horas
Parth Bansal
Parth Bansal 17 horas
Ah!! That’s Hot! That’s Hot!
Boss Man101
Boss Man101 17 horas
I don\'t think this looks good but I do like the muaic in my opinion.
Your Moms Chest Hair
Your Moms Chest Hair 17 horas
Ok this may flop. Because will smith. Who knows. Maybe itll be as good as the beauty and the beast remake
Vianka Nicoletta
Vianka Nicoletta 17 horas
Animal_Knight 17 horas
Surprised it\'s not directed by M. Night Shyamalan
Chloe Granich-Smith
Chloe Granich-Smith 17 horas
Sorry to tell you will smith but once your a meme.......Theres NO turning back.
Chloe Granich-Smith
Chloe Granich-Smith 17 horas
Who else came after watching pewdiepies video?
Chloe Granich-Smith
Chloe Granich-Smith 17 horas
OH GOD. I thought this was a fake movie but the memes where right,
Obama Colluded With Putin
Obama Colluded With Putin 17 horas
anyone else not digging will as the genie
Santiago Jurado
Santiago Jurado 17 horas
avatar 2 and yondu
Fiery Nugget
Fiery Nugget 18 horas
This was all looking really good until genie was revealed. I thought Will Smith would just do the voice but they made the genie a blue Will Smith. The dialogue was so bad aswell
Com Truise
Com Truise 19 horas
Oh that’s hot,hot trash
Death to the Doomemou
Death to the Doomemou 19 horas
I might go see it just so I can laugh at Will Smith’s life choices
Milo 20 horas
It\'s gonna be a tight race between last jedi and this for most hated movie in history
Tri#0443 20 horas
this is painful
Sounds Good Buddy
Sounds Good Buddy 20 horas
Nice! you can watch the new trailer of pirate of the caribbean 2019 in my channel!
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki 20 horas
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it\'s rewind time
Li'l Chippo
Li'l Chippo 21 horas
Rated M for Meme review
Raíces Fuertes
Raíces Fuertes 21 horas
I kinda like it tho why?
Adam Schneider
Adam Schneider 21 horas
I think they were maybe trying to pay a little homage to Bollywood but went a little too Simple Jack if you catch my drift.
Depressed Rock
Depressed Rock 21 horas
Oh Deer God.....
Neo2266 21 horas
Ah... that\'s not hot
Katsura ja nai, Zura da!
Katsura ja nai, Zura da! 21 horas
\"That\'s hot!\"
-x-ESIIGNER PANDA-x- 22 horas
Meme of the year
Amira Huwio
Amira Huwio 22 horas
I sense no magic here
Ghosty Face
Ghosty Face 22 horas
They could have picked anybody, but they picked a meme. Anyone else would have become a meme too though.
Nicholas Herdzik
Nicholas Herdzik 22 horas
0:47 I just realized the magic carpet’s in the background.
Corpse Apple
Corpse Apple 23 horas
SAM. 23 horas
I wish....fortnite and Marques Brownlee
Sky Swimmer
Sky Swimmer 23 horas
Ahhhhhhhh, that’s hot, that’s hot
John Roberts
John Roberts 23 horas
They’re gonna need more than three wishes to save this movie
LarryKoopa 64
LarryKoopa 64 23 horas
That\'s hot! That\'s hot
Jack Animation
Jack Animation 23 horas
Its rewind time
Alex 23 horas
Oh... oh no.
EX DUECE 23 horas
OH.............MY................GOD.............THEY\'VE GONE AND DONE IT.
Brian Covarrubias
Brian Covarrubias 24 horas
This is a new era. If y\'all expecting a robert williams genie watch the original! Remakes are expected to be different get over it
Funky Buddha
Funky Buddha 24 horas
Nicolas Cage is now considered a legitimate actor.
Blue Nathan
Blue Nathan 24 horas
I am a huge fan of will smith
Paok Games
Paok Games 24 horas
90% of comments: Genie comments 10% Will smith comments