Ariana Grande - break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored

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miku hatsune
miku hatsune 24 secundos
Plot twist kinda already knew but still that was Amazing
miku hatsune
miku hatsune 1 minuto
Wait if i said i wanted the boyfriend break up with your boyfriend because im bored break up with your girlfriend, cuz i\'m bored hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Ky Berry
Ky Berry 2 minutos
Love the ending💕✨
Narek Simonian
Narek Simonian 5 minutos
At 2:52 u can see \"Ari Chan\" on guy\'s jacket, and also there is \"Ari Chan\" in \"Bad Idea\", so we can guess the title of the upcoming song
Frank Henry
Frank Henry 8 minutos
This man reggie from riverdale smh
ariel Piazzese
ariel Piazzese 8 minutos
I loveeeeeeeeeee❤
Mayleen Castro
Mayleen Castro 8 minutos
Good job 👏 like if u think see did good ——————————>
Stream Reputation
Stream Reputation 9 minutos
It took me time to get the message..
ariel Piazzese
ariel Piazzese 9 minutos
A Ar Ari Aria Arian Ariana
Duke 10 minutos
This beat slaps.
Noel Nation
Noel Nation 11 minutos
Is no one gonna mention how Reggie is in this video
vanessa .3232_
vanessa .3232_ 12 minutos
prettythug2731 13 minutos
[[ Tell that dude I’m Sorry ]] 😐 ———> drop My Coins Like Mario * “ She Looked 👀 ..... Beautiful “
Majo y vale Manualidades
Majo y vale Manualidades 16 minutos
Like si viniste por Snapchat
MobileGames 189
MobileGames 189 16 minutos
Ae ko zna srpski evo moj broj 0611854050
Ethan Riddell
Ethan Riddell 19 minutos
Fuck off
I'm Nursen
I'm Nursen 21 minutos
TYLER DAVIES 21 minutos
she hot lol
Demi Jocelyn De la Cruz Altunar
Demi Jocelyn De la Cruz Altunar 22 minutos
Mashrufa Hussain
Mashrufa Hussain 22 minutos
After immense researching and data analysis and with the support of the scientists, I conclude that. . . . . . . . . This song is a bop
Alexis Coote
Alexis Coote 24 minutos
I love this song Ariana 💓
ashley webster
ashley webster 24 minutos
Anyone notice the guy is from Riverdale?
It's Zeynep
It's Zeynep 24 minutos
boy: i will break up with you girl: why boy: cuz ariana is bored
Con Dere - Plays
Con Dere - Plays 26 minutos
Oh my gud!!!! Did the 2 girls kiss at the end? That is so cute, 😋😋
lemonstre du 1080
lemonstre du 1080 26 minutos
fuck ui
Indy Mattivi
Indy Mattivi 28 minutos
I love you Ariana ❤️
Gacha Stuff And Stories
Gacha Stuff And Stories 29 minutos
Thank u next BiTcH
Riel Ebraheem
Riel Ebraheem 29 minutos
ariana grande break up with your girlfriend im bored ariana grande :like selana gomez : comment
Sam Brown
Sam Brown 31 minutos
Most of us guys would break up with our girlfriends if Ariana was telling us to!
RemaAlmalkiَ. 31 minutos
مافي عرب هِنا؟ اثبتو وجودكم باللايك؟
TUTORIALVID 32 minutos
❤ i know ill get top comment..😂
mary jane
mary jane 34 minutos
Omge I literally thought she said wake up with your girlfriend 🤣🤣
Cynthia Gill
Cynthia Gill 34 minutos
Awesome that she samples an nsync song lol I dig it.
rebelody 35 minutos
Love the *NSYNC sample!
Spice 41 minutos
Plot twist: she was never his girlfriend
Lonely Wolf
Lonely Wolf 42 minutos
This is QUADECA\'S FLOWW Damn.
Asia Nelson
Asia Nelson 43 minutos
I love Ariana
Pika 43 minutos
*This album is sick :))*
Chelsea place
Chelsea place 44 minutos
Tick tock has joinned the chat
eli 44 minutos
\"Women deserve respect \"
Albe Dorel Kali
Albe Dorel Kali 44 minutos
instrumental is magic and crazy
Flash 35
Flash 35 46 minutos
She is too good music, beautiful, she is too good ariana grande
Aniefiok Akpan
Aniefiok Akpan 46 minutos
Love this song😙😙😍
tonan 56 minutos
Official Replay Button: 0:51 Thanks me later and Like 😶
vinayak sheel
vinayak sheel 58 minutos
Bakwaas song Waste of time song Her song quality is now so low That ariana is not no more Disappointed
Stuff I'm.
Stuff I'm. 60 minutos
Yup it happenens
mike murga
mike murga 1 hora
Amazing Super Cool music video!!!!!!!!
Mariam Abdelkhaleq
Mariam Abdelkhaleq 1 hora
Reggie, Veronica is pissed now. 😶😮
hobi sun
hobi sun 1 hora
gabriel barbosa
gabriel barbosa 1 hora
Gautam Sallan
Gautam Sallan 1 hora
guy: we have to break up girl: why guy: cuz ariana is bored
Robert gut
Robert gut 1 hora
*_Ariana vs selena_* _Ariana like_ _Selena comment_ *We will see who will win*
Agung Prayuda
Agung Prayuda 1 hora
Is it me that just out of jungle or just that I don\'t understand about the \"plot twist\" that u say? 😂😂
Sophie Davis
Sophie Davis 1 hora
I just listened to Mac Miller and he says YEAH in the beginning of nearly every song in the album ‘swimming’. Maybe there is a connection?!
Cute_Potato_1992 ARMY
Cute_Potato_1992 ARMY 1 hora
Mary Contreras
Mary Contreras 1 hora
Is anyone gonna notice that that is Reggie for RiverDale
Ashley unicorn
Ashley unicorn 1 hora
Robert gut
Robert gut 1 hora
You like my girlfrien gee thanks you stole her
Robert gut
Robert gut 1 hora
Producent : so.. What do y- Ariana : yuh yuh
Robert gut
Robert gut 1 hora
When i read the title i honestly thought it was a joke
Robert gut
Robert gut 1 hora
99 % of you won\'t read this but Have a fantastic Day 1 %
Robert gut
Robert gut 1 hora
Plot twist : she wanted the girlfrien
Robert gut
Robert gut 1 hora
Ariana : break up with your girlfrien l\'m bored Me : gee, Why Ariana : cuz i See it, i like it, I want it, i got it
Mihaela Kilova
Mihaela Kilova 1 hora
I love you ! <3😍😘👸👍👍👍💋👏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💓💓💓💖💖💖💕💕💕💗💗💞💞💝❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️♥️♥️♥️🎤🎤🎤🎧🎧🎧 YOU ARE MY FAVOURITE FAVOURITE SINGER
Robert gut
Robert gut 1 hora
Yuh yuh fits with song so well
Robert gut
Robert gut 1 hora
I See her I like her I want her I got her Ariana : break up with your girlfrien Me : thank you next
Jasmine King
Jasmine King 1 hora
Julie Procházková
Julie Procházková 1 hora
I think Camila Mendes does not agree with this song😂
hoodie princess
hoodie princess 1 hora
Robert gut
Robert gut 1 hora
Who\'s listening in 2019
Robert gut
Robert gut 1 hora
_When my bff get\'s a Boy and she spends more Time witch him than with me_ *Break up with your girlfrien cuz i\'m bored*
ioio123459io 3edcvfr4
ioio123459io 3edcvfr4 1 hora
*Plot twist* : she just want to be with herself
I’m sandra and I’m here to say Haters back off!
I’m sandra and I’m here to say Haters back off! 1 hora
Ariana please reply
Robert gut
Robert gut 1 hora
Raggie is that you?
Robert gut
Robert gut 1 hora
Ariana : break up with your girlfrien Boy : why Ariana : cause i\'m bored
Даниел Ганев
Даниел Ганев 1 hora
Robert gut
Robert gut 1 hora
Plot twist : she wanted the girlfrien Double twist :she is the girlfrien
Robert gut
Robert gut 1 hora
Who loves Ariana Grande Yes - like No - comment
Robert gut
Robert gut 1 hora
Next songs Stop breathing, i need air
Milo The dog
Milo The dog 1 hora
How do they make him look cute and in riverdale he looks ugly
Robert gut
Robert gut 1 hora
Imagine the amout of messages people have received after this saying \"break up with your girlfrien l\'m bored
Chloe Lau
Chloe Lau 1 hora
#best singer ever
Chloe Lau
Chloe Lau 1 hora
Luv it
Robert gut
Robert gut 1 hora
*Plot twist :she wanted the girlfrien*
Sarah Abass
Sarah Abass 1 hora
I think the song should be like this \"mhmm yea yea xD lol
Eva's Life Story
Eva's Life Story 1 hora
is that melton ???
Mrs. Mitch Hoying
Mrs. Mitch Hoying 1 hora
Omg guys . She didn\'t want to be with the girlfriend. *she is the girlfriend* she want the boyfriend to break up with her, cuz shes bored. (Of the relationship) she just wants to be with herself. 🤯
Jac Araujo
Jac Araujo 1 hora
Ariana talarica kkkkk
KO5G 1 hora
Big bum
Santisanz 2 horas
I dononow what to say
lobamineblox gemer
lobamineblox gemer 2 horas
Constance Hagneré
Constance Hagneré 2 horas
I don’t understand why she kiss the girl at the end
Georgia's Blogger
Georgia's Blogger 2 horas
Magzhan 2 horas
i\'ve made this beat right now in FL :D who needs????:DD
Tezis ;D
Tezis ;D 2 horas
I know u love nickelodeon ;D
ASMR sweet pig
ASMR sweet pig 2 horas
Ooooh Reggie from Riverdale
IrynaHr. 2 horas
Gabrielly Bassedoni
Gabrielly Bassedoni 2 horas
Coloquei na reprodução 1,25 ficou mt top para quem n curte música tão lenta
Majo Jimenez
Majo Jimenez 2 horas
This sound like “kiki do you love me” 🤷🏽‍♀️
DarcyC UK
DarcyC UK 2 horas
*the queen is slaying again*