THE NUN Scary Valak Swimming Trailer NEW (2018) Horror Movie HD

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Ann Gelina
Ann Gelina 5 meses
There are 666k subscribers 😳
Jungkook BTS MAKNAE 2 dias
no scary
Kiyahni Redd
Kiyahni Redd 9 dias
Valak, Valak, Valak, Valak, Valak, Valak, Valak............
Chrish Thapa
Chrish Thapa 11 dias
Oh god she said hello then i\'m scared...
Caitlyn Evans xo
Caitlyn Evans xo 16 dias
Is it only me who isn’t scared watching this film? It was a good film but I’ve seen better
Makus Dhy
Makus Dhy 26 dias
zombie nuns.....REALLY?
J.V.S 5 9
J.V.S 5 9 30 dias
Francesco Ramicani
Francesco Ramicani 1 mes
What? The nun - a horror)) That will be crazy scary movie. I will enjoy it on boxxy software. With amazing german dubbing.
Rene Anne McTiernan
Rene Anne McTiernan 1 mes
I watched this
Selma Holm
Selma Holm 1 mes
i love diss move and i love you
Levi Allen
Levi Allen 1 mes
Garbage quality. You should be tarred and feathered, asshole.
cool tuuns
cool tuuns 1 mes
Sub to meh
Jennee Reedus
Jennee Reedus 2 meses
This was actually a really good movie, had some very creepy parts, and Valak was just too creepy looking
Bauti Boca
Bauti Boca 2 meses
Walking 0:35 sreamer
CooL 2 meses
jesus is not god !! but it is presented in the film.Jesus always prayed to his father
layth hamdieh
layth hamdieh 2 meses
Why is it rated R
SteveV74 2 meses
Next is Annabelle Vs. The Nun
Trip Kipp
Trip Kipp 2 meses
This movie soooo bad
Toxic gaming
Toxic gaming 2 meses
One of the funniest movie of all time
I think pakka horror movie☻👿👺👹😈 or film
BillieVerse 2 meses
Manish Chandravanshi
Manish Chandravanshi 2 meses
Hindi movies do
BlessedByHim 2 meses
Somebody please post a link to The Nun movie here on YT I know its on here Thanks ☺👌🏾
Berkan Dedeoğlu
Berkan Dedeoğlu 2 meses
bunun hakkından imam-ı Mübarek gelir
Erick Matioli
Erick Matioli 2 meses
I will never watch this🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
nickoue pierre Louis
nickoue pierre Louis 3 meses
Yet to find a movie that can scare the shit out of me
Azl Mcl
Azl Mcl 3 meses
the only sentence that i never heard in a movie and i will hate for this movie is \"god ends here\" god never ends evil shall end some day.
LEECH 3 meses
0:34 *they turned the volume down I swear*
Queen swift deserves the world
Queen swift deserves the world 3 meses
Bingo Boy
Bingo Boy 3 meses
This movie sooooo lame.
Infinite After Effect
Infinite After Effect 3 meses
really horror movie
b s
b s 3 meses
Spooler kinda sorta more fact reason though. Wiccan or witch craft have a circle with 5 point star up. But you may notice this. Satnic is circle with 5 star pointed down. Point: get your facts right for movies. No I\'m neither but I know my signs of all kinds of things. I don\'t appreciate it when they don\'t get the right facts or should I say signs.
Aldo C.-
Aldo C.- 3 meses
Suckiest crap ever seen this year
Kelcy Cadoo
Kelcy Cadoo 3 meses
I already watched it ...its really good
Good & Musiccc
Good & Musiccc 3 meses
I jumped at 2:03
Elton Webb
Elton Webb 3 meses
Demon Nun with a shot gun
Tech Minister
Tech Minister 3 meses
full movie here :
Arianna Whitacre
Arianna Whitacre 3 meses
it wasn\'t even scary it was disappointing
This is fine.
This is fine. 3 meses
0:34 I think I have heart palpitations now...
Asad Ahmed
Asad Ahmed 3 meses
727k subscribe
SM 3 meses
Your paying money to feel paranoid and increase your anxiety.
Miss Boss
Miss Boss 3 meses
*The Nun, rated R*
Priscilla and Giana
Priscilla and Giana 3 meses
This is messing with god and I love god I hate this movie
Beast In The Hood
Beast In The Hood 3 meses
All the Nuns in that movie are beautiful...
maria uriz
maria uriz 3 meses
This is why I don\'t watch horror movies!! And because I\'m 12 and I\'m turning 13 next year but I DONT LIKE HORROR!!!😨😨😨
Ryan Cochbain
Ryan Cochbain 3 meses
I like the NUN like VALAK 👍😀
Sophia Chamblee
Sophia Chamblee 3 meses
Scary nun: (scary face and dramatic noise) Me: hello, do you have time to talk about our lord and savior Jesus Christ? Scary nun: (Turns around and runs away screaming)
Timothy Suttles
Timothy Suttles 3 meses
I need something funny about this so when inwatch it I don\'t die
zazzdcz 3 meses
0:34 best part
Bay Peppard
Bay Peppard 3 meses
Well ........ Shit.......
Djarkoes 3 meses
I see no swimming scene
Anthony Labrum
Anthony Labrum 3 meses
The best part about this movie was the music. Was so creepy
Muhammad Farel
Muhammad Farel 3 meses
T Th The The n The nu The nun The nu The n The Th T
TR Man
TR Man 3 meses
ItsMe Ellie
ItsMe Ellie 3 meses
Why am I watching this I’m 8 and in 3rd grade
Jennifer Sharp
Jennifer Sharp 3 meses
I believe that this movie is against god and it is not ok to make a horror movie about nuns they are peaceful and wonderful this movie is not ok at all i am a strong christian and i cant even believe that this is an actual movie. Like if you agree 1 like equals 1 christian. May God be with you⛪💒
david belcher
david belcher 3 meses
Who jumped when the nun popped up 😱.
kathryn Almeida
kathryn Almeida 3 meses
but ist fake
FernandiZ ChanneL
FernandiZ ChanneL 3 meses
Watch The Nun Full Movie HD 1080p Watch Now ❗❗👉 #Thenunfullmovie #TheNun
Janell Booker
Janell Booker 3 meses
This movie was really good seen it today
Naruto Network
Naruto Network 3 meses
Pennywise the dancing clown had his face in the water too...
Blossom Cake
Blossom Cake 4 meses
I am crying in real life...
Slimey Addics
Slimey Addics 4 meses
This is dumb
Harindra Singh
Harindra Singh 4 meses
Very nice
Jamie Fitz
Jamie Fitz 4 meses
Am I the only who thought the nun hanging herself was so unnecessary? Why didn\'t she just jump and land like a pancake?
Veeda Amire
Veeda Amire 4 meses
I think we all must go to watch this movie together as a big group. It\'s not because I\'m scared. just wanna make a bunch of new friends.
unicorn cüneyt
unicorn cüneyt 4 meses
0:37 you fucking fuck i was on headphones omfg i think i shit myself fuck you forreal
yhingla rivera
yhingla rivera 4 meses
you can watch here
Sister Tea
Sister Tea 4 meses
Sister really gonna wait in till the nun answers her and wait hunny I would’ve thrown the lamp at her
Oscar Rage
Oscar Rage 4 meses
The nun The nun The nun The nun The nun The nun The nun The nun The nun
Isabella Tarrant
Isabella Tarrant 4 meses
I saw it yesterday and it was a really good movie it even scared me my dad my sister and one of my friend 😂
Priya Singh
Priya Singh 4 meses
It is was the second worst movie in the conjuring universe ...... I have alots of expectation for this movie.. But I regret after watching this movie 💔
Anthony Mekemeke
Anthony Mekemeke 4 meses
0:35 RIP Headphone users
Bernard Bondin
Bernard Bondin 4 meses
Just got the nun mask from Its amazing ❤️ For this Halloween 👻👻🎃
David Achim
David Achim 4 meses
0:22 outlast
Souma Yukihiro
Souma Yukihiro 4 meses
The Nun on September 7 fuck off!!!
nylaa’s channel
nylaa’s channel 4 meses
I think they should make a flashback Mary movie that would have me shook sisters
Christina Anthony
Christina Anthony 4 meses
Nun .. heeee wow.. awesome ........ ❤😍
Jose Herrera
Jose Herrera 4 meses
This movie is not at all scary do not go and waste your money on this crap.
Hzhxhd Zhzhx
Hzhxhd Zhzhx 4 meses
There are a lot of nun right
Bo Oketen
Bo Oketen 4 meses
Why is Marilyn Manson dressed up like a nun in this movie???
Emily Davis
Emily Davis 4 meses
Good movie for jump scares, but not for plot. 6.5/10
daily monicfox17/dmfx/
daily monicfox17/dmfx/ 4 meses
The mom
wigless sister
wigless sister 4 meses
god damn 0:38
simon sang
simon sang 4 meses
i watch this cause some people talk about this in my school and idk what it is
simon sang
simon sang 4 meses
im not hype really hype
im not hype really hype 4 meses
That jump scare scared the crap outtta me
aisha aizéé
aisha aizéé 4 meses
best film ever in history please make squel and even better than the first. Maby a litle advice ma litle more story.
Oksana Tyson
Oksana Tyson 4 meses
how can valek be two places at once somebody plz explainvery creepy at 2:48
Gold muller
Gold muller 4 meses
oh its johnny depp :)
fleccs808 4 meses
OMG!!! I just watched “The Nun” on my firestick through the Cinema apk. And these muthafucca’s got me good! Watched the whole fricc’n movie and shiit wasn’t even scary at all. Felt like it was a scary movie made for tv, like the lifetime network or some shiit. So after the movie is done, I’m like, “Let me check the trailer and the YouTube comments again to see why ppl love this piece of shiit movie.” The trailer plays and it’s a totally different movie! LMAOOO! I couldn’t stop cracc’n up!!! 😂 😂 😂. Shiit got me good. Now I need to watch the real movie. Smh. Lol
Lidya Animaties
Lidya Animaties 4 meses
Lol i didint Get scared bc i juist took a nap😂👌
Roxie Rennel
Roxie Rennel 4 meses
Ya boi Valak swims?
Mark Spriddle
Mark Spriddle 4 meses
686k and 20 was added on to the 666k
Val G
Val G 4 meses
I’m going to watch it I’m so scared 😱
Cutee Trishu
Cutee Trishu 4 meses
What is mean by nun???
Id like a cup of TAE with SUGA and a KOOKIE
Id like a cup of TAE with SUGA and a KOOKIE 4 meses
Ayyy y’all needa chill I’m gonna watch this in like an hour, can y’all spoil it so I wound scream in front of my mom
Gareth Lewis
Gareth Lewis 4 meses
Just a bunch of jump scares as usual. Suddenly \"loud noise\" \"scary monster appears\"
Marian Foxi
Marian Foxi 4 meses
I come from the nun 🤣🧙‍♀️
Chloe Hegarty
Chloe Hegarty 4 meses
Going to see this later so scared