Little Europe: Five Micro-Countries

Rick Steves' Europe Rick Steves' Europe
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Mohammad Sayedul Hoq
Mohammad Sayedul Hoq 5 dias
Nice presentation
Bill Bergendahl
Bill Bergendahl 5 dias
I\'ve been to three of these countries: San Marino, Vatican City and Monaco.
zulfiqar abbasi
zulfiqar abbasi 24 dias
i like traveling
Herr René
Herr René 26 dias
Actually Luxemburg is (some may say it was) the 5th german state.
John Ackerman
John Ackerman 1 mes
Lichtenstein and Monaco are the countries I would love to visit. Monaco in my opinion is like the Hollywood of France
I Comment On A Lot of Videos
I Comment On A Lot of Videos 2 meses
I love that theme song
George Macpherson
George Macpherson 2 meses
60 dislikes so far. Probably because some of them are from people who complain that he didn’t include Malta when he was only doing micro countries. Malta is bigger than Andorra. Put Malta Gozo and Comino together and you will be able to fit all of these countries in it.
Manesh Shekhawat
Manesh Shekhawat 4 meses
When it wase filmed ??
Zenaida Rodriguez
Zenaida Rodriguez 5 meses
It\'s beautiful thanks
Zenaida Rodriguez
Zenaida Rodriguez 5 meses
I love Andora
Jees mon
Jees mon 5 meses
Let\'s upload all countries travel videos
Andrés P
Andrés P 6 meses
Guys dressed to kill
The Futból Follower
The Futból Follower 7 meses
Where Is Malta?????????????????????? Also U Could Have Included Sealand
dog lab
dog lab 7 meses
rick thanks for showing us the world out there , love your videos
Luca Ellul
Luca Ellul 9 meses
Where\'s Malta?!
hon hon
hon hon 9 meses
Marie Constant
Marie Constant 10 meses
What You Saw Marie...Mouvie playing at Windsor Place by under Silvia Laundry = Corporeted Association Crimals in the Person of Regina RUMBERGER and the one \'S in Law by Canada school =Bell\'s......
Marie Constant
Marie Constant 10 meses
Echo at Ballslost Spiritual school HAITI =Mariages des ECHO\'S L\'EPOUX L\'EPOUX...dans UN ECHO 2,3,4_5...What you remember ? Spoking or translation time 3 Ennemis Forkes...
Faridah Ishak
Faridah Ishak 10 meses
Very informative and interesting journey.
Daniel Stobbs
Daniel Stobbs 11 meses
Amazing how the former Canadian PM found the time for this
Arnab Mondal
Arnab Mondal 11 meses
Thank you so much to watching us the best of Europes....I am indian...I have not enough money to go europe...but have eyes to see your videos....with your videos i fullfil my desire...
foysal sheikh
foysal sheikh 1 Año
I like to go EU
Sixte 1 Año
These countries will still be European long after the other European countries have become un-European from immigration and multiculturalism.
Steff 1 Año
Rick , you bring a breath of fresh air to our every day lives . all your shows are beautiful , well documented and very well presented !  thank you !
These small countries look incredibly beautiful like places in fairy tales. Andoraa sounds strange as if its a part of some fantasy novel,
YouDontKnowMe 1 Año
German is also spoken in Belgium btw. It\'s one of our three official languages.
Bill Carson
Bill Carson 1 Año
What about Guernsey ?
germany1809 1 Año
Nice show. You forgot Gibraltar, Luxembourg and Malta.
Eeerrrmmm Malta?????
Liam Johnson
Liam Johnson 1 Año
ha hha ha
Liam Johnson
Liam Johnson 1 Año
wow streets of tacky shops
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody 1 Año
How did they get water in a castle on top of a mountain in ancient time?
TS50ER 1 Año
Europe is beautiful, but that E-Type Jag @ 15:03 is simply stunning!
sharfi shaikhi
sharfi shaikhi 1 Año
we\'re is Malta . I mean it is also very small
BoredYT User
BoredYT User 1 Año
What about Russia or Earth XDDD sorry (I had to)
anıl erden
anıl erden 1 Año
I love Vatican City
Aritul 2 Años
Who has a better job than Rick Steves?
Meena Mustafa
Meena Mustafa 2 Años
I want a job like yours where I get to travel the world
Matthew Gaming.1-800
Matthew Gaming.1-800 2 Años
dang it, he forgot Malta.
Osas247 Osas247
Osas247 Osas247 2 Años
To me only Italy is the best county to live happelly in Europe dispute economic problem 100k like from me to italy .they have a heart of giving and very friendly people
chef_ Ann
chef_ Ann 2 Años
I really want to visit Europe soon because of Rick Steves\' vids! 😍😍😍 So inviting. 😊
Elijah Pisani
Elijah Pisani 2 Años
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand no malta
Monotonous Material
Monotonous Material 2 Años
I\'ve done Vatican State, feeling San Marino for a mini-moon after our Italian wedding, off to Liechtenstein next month... so just Monaco and Andorra to go!
Clement Ng
Clement Ng 2 Años
Liechtenstein German Blue
Clement Ng
Clement Ng 2 Años
Liechtenstein German Blue
Clement Ng
Clement Ng 2 Años
Vatican Green Italian, Monaco Green French Italian, San marino italian, Andorra catalan or Spanish orange, Luxembourg Luxembourgish or German Red,
Condor the Predator
Condor the Predator 2 Años
If Marine Le Pen elected, can she be co-prince of Andorra?
suevialania 2 Años
And Gibraltar , Faroe Islands !
A.G. Martinez
A.G. Martinez 2 Años
Mini stateys
zhang liang
zhang liang 2 Años
Vatican City (0.44 km2) ... Monaco (1.95 km2) ... San Marino (61 km2) ... Liechtenstein (160 km2) ... Malta (316 km2) ... Andorra (468 km2) ... Luxembourg (2,586 km2) ... Cyprus (9,251 km2)
Ram perez
Ram perez 2 Años
How about Titimo Liit.
Omar Khaledgaming
Omar Khaledgaming 2 Años
Did you now lienchstien and Luxembourg are brothers
Axige 2 Años
i\'ve visited once Monaca and went to the casinos there, but just could\'t understand why Monaco has so much fame with casinos, those casinos are just normal like any other ones in any other cities of Europe
ED BONA 2 Años
Take pics of your PASSPORTS, AIRLINE TKTS & Driver ID etc.They are safe in the CLOUD and can be opened from any iPhone or computers if lost. I learned the hard way.
Rajput 2 Años
Good topic ad good documentary
julie moffat
julie moffat 2 Años
I love Andorra a great country
mkmm60 2 Años
Liechtenstein is often invaded by chance through the swiss military. A relative of mine who has been in the swiss army told me that when they were out on a training march, they got lost and found themselves in the middle of Liechtenstein. No diplomatic stress though as they immediatelly retreated from their invasion. That must happen all the time.
Eu, a Rainha e 3 princesas.
Eu, a Rainha e 3 princesas. 2 Años
So cool :)
C. Anon
C. Anon 2 Años
MikeEgypte 2 Años
Great descriptions here, and I assume your other videos, so I have subscribed.
Aheim 2 Años
What language do they speak in Luxemburg? thought it was german but obviously he told the german talking countries. please let me know :)
Jeroen Aalderink
Jeroen Aalderink 2 Años
Haha, I\'ve been to all five! :)
Padraig Martin
Padraig Martin 2 Años
You forgot Genovia
AS 2 Años
I\'m pretty sure Malta is smaller than Andorra
Jón Steinar
Jón Steinar 2 Años
You forgot Iceland. :)
sheikh Azeem
sheikh Azeem 3 Años
i wish i come in europ but no body take me
esther Szalay
esther Szalay 3 Años
Very interesting! Thank you.
wotan20 3 Años
Truly breathtaking video. Being a European by birth, I was aware these statelets existence and whereabouts, yet this video still contained both visual and interesting historical info, which was new to me. How strange, that it was conveyed by a friendly, and easy going American.  Thanks Mr. Steves!
Rayito 2005
Rayito 2005 3 Años
Las micro  - naciones todas hermosas , .
Gilmour Attard
Gilmour Attard 3 Años
Malta is small too
Collision SC-
Collision SC- 3 Años
Because Malta totally doesn\'t exist.
Jessica Octostar
Jessica Octostar 3 Años
I love how these countries are like taking a trip through time. Europe has lots of beautiful old relics, but these places have preserved the entire culture more than others have
Ted Speaks
Ted Speaks 3 Años
What about Luxembourg
peter tuann
peter tuann 3 Años
not Swiss soldiers, but modern day Swiss mercenaries, they wear traditional uniforms, but they have an armory with real modern weapons to defend the Vatican from terrorists
Gaur 3 Años
Malta is pretty tiny too.
ElizabethEva Young
ElizabethEva Young 3 Años
your videos are so   amazing , quality films and educational.
Titus Livius
Titus Livius 3 Años
I wish Americans could make an effort to pronouce foreign words correctly. You\'re the laughing stock of the world.
Nicky Chuaybamrung
Nicky Chuaybamrung 3 Años
I visited Rome by work and travel on Christmas and new year 2016 !!
rupal buta
rupal buta 3 Años
very nice
milan bhattacharyya
milan bhattacharyya 3 Años
these countries except vatican are tax heaven.... playground for filthy rich
McMC 3 Años
What about Gibraltar?
Mohan Udiavar
Mohan Udiavar 3 Años
Great upload indeed. Thanks a lot
Daniel Monteiro
Daniel Monteiro 3 Años
Garibaldi would later go to Brazil and become a hero as well
ramon d
ramon d 3 Años
Is that back pack you are always carrying for the show or is there actually something in there?
Jesuscger 3 Años
Pope has been talking about emigrants, but try to emigrate to the Vatican and you will see what will happen......
Scott Earp
Scott Earp 3 Años
Also if in Liechtenstein don\'t stay in Vaduz. Stay in Triesenberg the views are incredible
Scott Earp
Scott Earp 3 Años
I just need to visit Andorra to complete the set :) I loved them all but I think I love Liechtenstein the most
Mike Luis
Mike Luis 4 Años
Have you been in Coruña? North of Spain....? All this islands around very beautiful
Sean Newhouse
Sean Newhouse 4 Años
Europe sure looks inviting and fun place to be!
What is the best way to access these countries? Car perhaps?
mieluroz 4 Años
Matt Owen
Matt Owen 4 Años
Another video and unfortunately Rick needs yet another correction: despite all the Generalidad\'s (Cataluña\'s regional government) propaganda, the truth is that there\'s not such thing as catalan language. In the Spanish region of Cataluña people speak Spanish and then there are 8 regional dialects, all of them derived from Provencal occitan and spoken throughout that Spanish region, depending on the province. These dialects are: barceloni (the pretended only regional language), pallarés, capcinés, rosellonés, salat, xipella, leridano y tarragonés. You\'re welcome Rick, cheers.
Laurence James
Laurence James 4 Años
The Lonesome Traveler salutes you.  Excellent informative entertainment Thank you and your staff Laurence james
Grace Serena Christie
Grace Serena Christie 4 Años
I realize this is mostly for people with Ph.D in some religions.  But.... Vatican.  Now my job once was to use my free time looking for safety problems on this planet.  Or if I pray enough sometimes I can just float in space it is nice and quiet.  So I do some of my studies out of body, or remote viewing or seeing.  Non Local Realities can sometimes be alternative futures.  OK the stage is set.   Now Vatican   One night I was just thinking out of body floating in space about 60 miles off the earth.  The sun was on the other side.  I thought it looks safe to me I am just going to relax.  So as I watched the earth and sun move at night it was really peaceful and I started to see this long light thing come from earth out into space.... it was like a really large beam of light.  I actually thought that is one LARGE Electric bill.... what is THAT?   So I was so far out in space I  couldn\'t see where it was coming from.  I was too far up so I had to go lower maybe I could then see some other lights like Paris, New York, Tokyo some countries lights.  I had my eye on the beam of light thinking that I had not really spent that much time at night I had never really seen it before.   I am sure you could see it from other planets really it was very bright.  So following the light I came closer and closer and closer to earth.... at first I couldn\'t even see continents and then finally I started to see Africa and then Europe and then some other continents.....finally I saw the lights of large cities but I had to move a lot to get over  to the light beam on my left.   I  went lower and lower and lower trying to figure out what kind of light is that?   I finally found it....... Yes it was the Vatican.   I was in shock really I thought.... really that is not electricity..... it is Holy White Light.  It is Divine Light...........    The Vatican as small as it is can be full of Divine wonders.
nixter888 4 Años
There is Cyprus too!
Ayla Stewart Wife With A Purpose
Ayla Stewart Wife With A Purpose 4 Años
I grew up watching your shows (I got my bachelor\'s degree in German as well as a certificate of International Studies- thanks to your influence!) Now I home school and I\'m introducing your videos to my 6th grader! Thank you for posting these online for your fans :D
Kiran Puranik
Kiran Puranik 4 Años
Rick, your travel documentaries are very informative and not boring! Thanks.
Mary Nolan
Mary Nolan 4 Años
so sunburned in monaco lol 
Marcus LeeP
Marcus LeeP 4 Años
I still love this video....Nice..