Ariana Grande - thank u, next

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Aldo Rios
Aldo Rios 27 secundos
maybe just a little
Aldo Rios
Aldo Rios 48 secundos
Billy & Louie
Billy & Louie 3 minutos
Such a great song!!! If you like Ariana and Xtina, watch our Thank u next & Like i do mashup!!!
Tommy WideBlick
Tommy WideBlick 3 minutos
wasn schrott!
Aldo Rios
Aldo Rios 4 minutos
On you
Aldo Rios
Aldo Rios 4 minutos
Are you actually lesbian because if you are I kinds had a c
fluffy cat
fluffy cat 4 minutos
On the car LITERALLY says \"7 rings\" before it was out...
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 5 minutos
you get it girl🦄🦄
khadeem wallace
khadeem wallace 5 minutos
this song is the bomb
Ifan Arif Maulana
Ifan Arif Maulana 13 minutos
Check it out for the cover lyric!!! Thanks 👇👇👇
Hey It's Sam
Hey It's Sam 14 minutos
Alguien. De Latinoamérica?
shinec tasker
shinec tasker 16 minutos
Turns out it was just a rumor
One Like
One Like 16 minutos
Me encanta esa cancion
denise venegas
denise venegas 18 minutos
who would have thought that she let us hear 7 rings at the beginning before it came out✨ what a queen 👑
Maddie V
Maddie V 19 minutos
I love how it was 13 going on 30 in one scene
DADp 21 minutos
Why is seven rings at the beginning?
GachaGirl 56
GachaGirl 56 31 minutos
Why was I reminded of mean girls
ByAlan CR
ByAlan CR 38 minutos
Xaxayes 38 minutos
Robie victorious
TYLER DAVIES 40 minutos
this song is lit
hanan mohamed
hanan mohamed 41 minutos
We can literally relate all this😭 Love uh baby ariana ❤️
Riel Ebraheem
Riel Ebraheem 42 minutos
Who love ariana grande like :yes comment: no
itss mee vinniee UwU
itss mee vinniee UwU 45 minutos
I heard oeople say Ariana Grande is a stupid bitch with no talent. Oh wait yeah fucking sick mate they\'re right
Fruitee C
Fruitee C 45 minutos
Has anyone noticed that the music at the beginning is the same as 7 rings? =0
SlunkShot 45 minutos
Four Horseman Version: One taught me war, One taught me pestilence, One taught me famine, The last taught me death and... Thank you, next
Cissa Ribeiro
Cissa Ribeiro 45 minutos
Sou o comentário brasileiro que vc estava procurando 😂😂
Tina 46 minutos
i\'m so f*ckin\' grateful for my ass 🍑
Natevan Ehmedzade
Natevan Ehmedzade 47 minutos
Thang u ariana 😘😘👌👍
Angelina Cleveland
Angelina Cleveland 48 minutos
Lil_ Em
Lil_ Em 48 minutos
I just realized the front teeth thing was another word for his dick
Tasya Awini
Tasya Awini 49 minutos
24 February 2019?
Shamaira Ranjan
Shamaira Ranjan 52 minutos
Am I watching something from the Mean Girls?
génesis Calderon
génesis Calderon 52 minutos
Quien ya vio chicas pesadas🤩
Kirby's #1 Fan- Ben Le /Chuckle Brothers
Kirby's #1 Fan- Ben Le /Chuckle Brothers 52 minutos
lol her ex\'s disliked this
lkuukiks 54 minutos
AG 57 minutos
Thank you, next
Ina Bkh
Ina Bkh 57 minutos
2019 ??
Xmilo.Prodaction' S
Xmilo.Prodaction' S 1 hora
nikki d
nikki d 1 hora
3:22 the legally blonde reference *aahhhh*
Markus ? Rlly ? Bruh
Markus ? Rlly ? Bruh 1 hora
Director : How many references do u want ? Ari : Yes.
Driift Shadowz
Driift Shadowz 1 hora
Ryan Ly
Ryan Ly 1 hora
U used to be in Sam and cat right?
Markus ? Rlly ? Bruh
Markus ? Rlly ? Bruh 1 hora
*ari’s ex boyfriends leave the chat*
Anvita Damera
Anvita Damera 1 hora
victorious cast member was in it!!!
Stephen Devincenzi
Stephen Devincenzi 1 hora
Can\'t believe Stiffler\'s mom is still hot!
DREDZER 91 1 hora
I want to married you ❤️❤️💍💍💎
Luis Tapia
Luis Tapia 1 hora
Josefina Lopez
Josefina Lopez 1 hora
Jerryy 1 hora
2:01 when the dick is that good 💀
alvaro sandoval
alvaro sandoval 1 hora
No sabía, q Ariana estuviera tan.... Buena😘💕. Solo había escuchado su música xd
Vanille et Chocolat Chevalier
Vanille et Chocolat Chevalier 1 hora
Ariana big you are my favorite signer ❤i make you à big sweet kids,i\'m french , love 😘😍😜💕👗🍉🎫
ilyas madrid
ilyas madrid 1 hora
ariana grand bitch
Lahla Smith
Lahla Smith 1 hora
OMG Gabi is in this
GeronimO 2 horas
Im I alone who is watching without audio? And still enjoing great music 😋
Flacko Sanchez
Flacko Sanchez 2 horas
Is that Liz Gillies she 🔥
Jesus Ramirez
Jesus Ramirez 2 horas
Hello I’m new here and Ariana Grande I love love love your songs the songs are cute
SoldierKinG 2 horas
Tmr q rica panocha debe tener :v
Stefany Wayne
Stefany Wayne 2 horas
this has it all, its so perfect, bless <3
Leticia Cardenas
Leticia Cardenas 2 horas
One time on Twitter, I heard Ariana was pregnant, so I got pregnant so we could be pregnant at the same time. Turns out it was just a rumor. Ariana Grande told me my hair looked sexy pushed back. She\'s not wrong. Ariana broke off an engagement, so I found a guy to propose to me, and I broke off an engagement. I heard she\'s a lesbian now and dating some chick called Aubrey. It\'s fuckin\' sick. I heard if you record her snoring and play it backwards, one person says, it sounds like Fantasia. Ariana says \'Honest to god, knock me out, so I decided to punch myself in the face. It was awesome.
Mary Schnapp
Mary Schnapp 2 horas
3:04 told us a clue about her song 7 rings
Diego Pazquett
Diego Pazquett 2 horas
The beginning felt as if I was watching 13 reasons why
Preston and Oliver
Preston and Oliver 2 horas
Why is Chris Jenner in this yes I watch the Kardashian’s case my mum watches it an why is Matt Bennett in dis and yea I watched victorious
Wassup Kousinz
Wassup Kousinz 2 horas
Literally my FAVORITE song ! 💞🔥🔥
Ola Ademuyiwa
Ola Ademuyiwa 2 horas
Did anyone notice it had 7 rings in the background
Top Posts 101
Top Posts 101 2 horas
I love ariana :OOO
Aloui Karima
Aloui Karima 2 horas
4:09 he’s like YAS¡
Pierre Amon
Pierre Amon 2 horas
Chic deo 💋💋💋💓💓💓💓
Fardoosa Taabit
Fardoosa Taabit 2 horas
If u guys used to watch or watch Victorious did u notice Jade/Elisabeth
M Kwon
M Kwon 2 horas
Victorious crews!
Immama 1221
Immama 1221 2 horas
Sergio Alexis Castillo Palacios
Sergio Alexis Castillo Palacios 2 horas
Algun comentario en espanish jaaj Y love you ariana eres mi idola o como se diga yo tengo todo de ti te amooooo🤩😘😘😘
Jermarion Lindsey
Jermarion Lindsey 2 horas
Aye girl
Berenice Rodriguez
Berenice Rodriguez 2 horas
l lo ve u
Tu Ba
Tu Ba 2 horas
Merci , encore
nevaeh love
nevaeh love 2 horas
U copy of movies copy catter
vinicius assuncao
vinicius assuncao 2 horas
i love music
Rajan Hoxha
Rajan Hoxha 2 horas
This was THE song that made me an Arianator.
Ally Hopper
Ally Hopper 2 horas
Is the pregnant one collien ballenger
jemma cullen
jemma cullen 2 horas
I wish for Christmas is you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Romina snt
Romina snt 2 horas
Like si hablas español y no entendiste nada de lo que dijeron al principio 😪😂
ITSPaolo 2 horas
Jade from victorious
Pinky Promise
Pinky Promise 2 horas
MsBabybat 2 horas
You rock! 💟👜👒👝💎👡💖💕💗💋
yahay challenges
yahay challenges 2 horas
The last gurl in the outro is gabby
MsBabybat 2 horas
I love every thing about you
JWilliam Perry
JWilliam Perry 2 horas
MsBabybat 2 horas
I love this song caus my crushes don\'t like me and you helped me get over them thank you Arian🤓😭👏
Grace Chell
Grace Chell 2 horas
Last time I watched this song it was on 100 million omg😂
jihyo is a god
jihyo is a god 2 horas
Just realized that the music that was in the begining was *7 rings*
hello me
hello me 2 horas
aaaa this song is literally my teen years put into a video
Camila Lucia
Camila Lucia 3 horas
We just gonna ignore the 7 rings tease in the beginning?
ItsYaBoyMattHere 3 horas
willyan telles
willyan telles 3 horas
Mundo Aventurero
Mundo Aventurero 3 horas
Soy la única que habla español y que no entiende nada pero la canción está wuena? 😲
Vali Lukova
Vali Lukova 3 horas
7 rings audio in the beginning xd..
hello me
hello me 3 horas
hit the like button if you are single
Ren N.
Ren N. 3 horas
She actually looks good with short hair
Nameless Potato
Nameless Potato 3 horas
I LOVE how you made the video!! Legally Blonde, Bring it on, mean girls, 13 going on 30. Those are really good movies.
Maryjane Olivares
Maryjane Olivares 3 horas
ciixs playeer
ciixs playeer 3 horas
I\'m from Mexico and Ariana make songs in Spanish I would be serious a hug I speak English Chinese Russian and more