Rita Ora Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2018 HD

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carla jane dagohoy
carla jane dagohoy 3 horas
Kelsey: RITAAAA 😍 She\'s so cuteee 💓
Ashley Donna
Ashley Donna 4 horas
Barbara Palvin overwhelms me 😍
Jayk Wonderful
Jayk Wonderful 6 horas
Looove Rita!!! 💜
catherine lal
catherine lal 7 horas
Who’s the girl from 2:20?
Maria Virginia Medina Bohorquez
Maria Virginia Medina Bohorquez 7 horas
Barbaraaa me encantaa
The Divergent Shadowhunting Demi-god From Panem
The Divergent Shadowhunting Demi-god From Panem 8 horas
Yes I love Rita Ora and Let You Love Me
Aya Qemelova
Aya Qemelova 8 horas
and I\'m sitting watching the show and eating chocolate and wanting to be a model at the same time ugh i feel so fat 😂😭 typical me
Aho Greggor
Aho Greggor 9 horas
Bella H. is boring that\'s the fact.
eninej04 9 horas
The eyes of Rita when she saw Behati, \"wow did she really gave birth?!\" .
christian chim chim guchi justin seugeul
christian chim chim guchi justin seugeul 10 horas
First girl looks like anorexia
Cara Bonadina
Cara Bonadina 11 horas
Barbara Palvin is extraordinary
Edgar Lara
Edgar Lara 12 horas
Subah Koj Is so beautiful 😍
Ada-nators xD
Ada-nators xD 14 horas
2:07 name?
Morgane Gomez
Morgane Gomez 15 horas
Stella maxwell’s walk is 🤮
Florence Vandenberg
Florence Vandenberg 15 horas
What a great show!!! Good singer og wonderful models!!
DISHA J 16 horas
Behati love you 😍
Cehbin black
Cehbin black 16 horas
Now no more Food 😭😭😭😭
Doctorwithnoname222 17 horas
The camera angels gave me motion sickness but Rita\'s song was great!
Denisse Cruz Ramos
Denisse Cruz Ramos 17 horas
2:47 Barbara Palvin I LOVE YOU
Beste Baki
Beste Baki 18 horas
After seeing that (especially Behati, in the show again) I cannot believe how they gave the opening of the show to that first model?! She was the worst with that walk and face. And there is no opening or wings for Behati?
Dakota Walker
Dakota Walker 19 horas
Barbara is back just for kill
любов богатинова
любов богатинова 19 horas
Adam Levine’s reactions are priceless 😍🔝
Leila Yusif
Leila Yusif 20 horas
1:51 Who is she ?
Farah Muthana
Farah Muthana 20 horas
Her performance was the best of the vs show of 2018 👏👏♥️♥️
Cristian Villacres
Cristian Villacres 21 horas
Rita Ora is Beautiful 🌈🌈🌹🌹💞
Cristian Villacres
Cristian Villacres 21 horas
Me encantooo 🌹🌹🌈🌈💞💞
einaphetseyer 22 horas
einaphetseyer 22 horas
Jimmy misle
Jimmy misle 23 horas
Here to see Bella ❤
Uzma Khan
Uzma Khan 23 horas
Rita 🔥 🔥 🔥 ❤❤❤
Maťa Nekorancová
Maťa Nekorancová 23 horas
Good segment with interesting atmosphere... Behati is beatiful and georgia and barbara are incredible
Στεφανι Καραι
Στεφανι Καραι 24 horas
Melany Gonzalez
Melany Gonzalez 24 horas
2:07 who is thaaat? ,she’s beautiful ❤️
Anita Staarbucks
Anita Staarbucks 1 dia
Rita Ora snapped as always. Her stage presence and her vocals are on point. She‘s so underrated. LOVE YOU RITA ♥️
Raley Kim
Raley Kim 1 dia
Coraline Jones
Coraline Jones 1 dia
nina rn
nina rn 1 dia
behati and barbara have the stage and being queens 😍
Quazi Raidah
Quazi Raidah 1 dia
@2:21 who is she? Ming xi?
Sun Ivanka
Sun Ivanka 1 dia
There\'s Rita looking like an absolute goddess...
Amna Rose
Amna Rose 1 dia
who is this gorgeous creature???? 1:32
Bri Terry
Bri Terry 1 dia
Wish Adam supported his artists on the voice like he supports his wife...
SummertimeSadness 1 dia
barbara should wear the fabtasy bra next yr
Ngọc Anh Đào
Ngọc Anh Đào 1 dia
barbara <3
Julius Cæsar S.P.Q.R Roman Empire
Julius Cæsar S.P.Q.R Roman Empire 1 dia
Sol Fernandez
Sol Fernandez 1 dia
Barbara 😍😍😍😍
María Paz Jiménez
María Paz Jiménez 1 dia
Barbara Palvin🥰😍
Екатерина Вавилова
Екатерина Вавилова 1 dia
Ngọc Như Đường
Ngọc Như Đường 1 dia
Name of this song plz!
yessss123ful 1 dia
She looks amazing!! Love her song, and I like how she interacted with the models, most just try to avoid getting hit by the wings
Anis Zahira
Anis Zahira 1 dia
Bailey110489 1 dia
1:56 she won’t be on the show next year
Oz Zadeng
Oz Zadeng 2 dias
Emi Sen
Emi Sen 2 dias
Who came here for Behati !!😍😍
oy59 2 dias
rita should date liam from 1D
Aliangelis Millán
Aliangelis Millán 2 dias
jennifer okonkwo
jennifer okonkwo 2 dias
please can you upload the full show
BurnItUpp2009 2 dias
Love Rita\'s reactions to the girls 😂💕
lilith de la fuente
lilith de la fuente 2 dias
Se me quitó el hambre jajaja
Eka Adelia Aprilyanti
Eka Adelia Aprilyanti 2 dias
Rita ora so beautiful 😍
I_love_ Kween
I_love_ Kween 2 dias
sadjooheon 2 dias
2:06 who is that queen? omg 😍
Habib18 Habib
Habib18 Habib 2 dias
Rita ora the best😍😍
Kimi More
Kimi More 2 dias
Corazon corazón
Corazon corazón 2 dias
Stella doesn\'t deserve the first face 😂
Bindu R
Bindu R 2 dias
in love bella\'s hair gorgeous 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Ezgi Sahin
Ezgi Sahin 2 dias
Rita ora looks AMAZİNG
Rica Styles
Rica Styles 2 dias
2:22 what is her name? She is so beautiful
Nora Grey
Nora Grey 2 dias
Barbara Palvin 😩😩😩 she’s everything
Alejandra Arboleda
Alejandra Arboleda 2 dias
2:55 THE QUEEN IS BACK😍 OMG, She is so perfect in so many ways🙈💙
shiela gallo
shiela gallo 2 dias
I spotted adam levine😍 so cute thou
Gracie Windsor
Gracie Windsor 2 dias
How is Stella maxwell an angel and grace Elizabeth isn’t wtf
Amanda Felger
Amanda Felger 2 dias
who\'s 2:07 ?????? 😍🤤
Fabio Silva
Fabio Silva 2 dias
❤❤❤ Loved it!
L Meto
L Meto 2 dias
Nurul Aulia Ramadhani
Nurul Aulia Ramadhani 2 dias
Selevel Model Victoria Secret aja masih bisa deg2an ya...
Jonny Stone
Jonny Stone 3 dias
Someone feed this starving models.
Fer Ponce
Fer Ponce 3 dias
Behati is just stunning 😍
Alanys Pedro
Alanys Pedro 3 dias
I’m here only because of Bella Hadid
W 3 dias
2:53 who is she?
Arbera M.
Arbera M. 3 dias
Ming Xi is gorgeous
zesbith carmona
zesbith carmona 3 dias
Georgia Fowlers 💘💕💕💕💕
GET inspired
GET inspired 3 dias
only want you 😻😻😻😻😻
Beatrice Elena
Beatrice Elena 3 dias
izabela86 3 dias
More Barbara Palvin please!
Stalowy P
Stalowy P 3 dias
Emmet 2018
Emmet 2018 3 dias
Great show 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤👌
AM videos
AM videos 3 dias
Edwin Smith
Edwin Smith 3 dias
😘😘😘😘😘 so perfecttttt
Englebert Villegas
Englebert Villegas 3 dias
Rita so cute at 4:00
John Conolly
John Conolly 3 dias
If i had the choice to sleep with one of them,I would chose Rita,she is the hottest girl on that stage,and her voice is beautiful.
I love Rita so much!! <3
nkkk cbibo
nkkk cbibo 3 dias
Bella has hugee potencial
lily styles
lily styles 3 dias
Barbara walked in there like it was her own show and it was amazing!
lily styles
lily styles 3 dias
yasmin bp
yasmin bp 3 dias
Bárbara Palvin😍😍😍
Вікторія Грицик
Вікторія Грицик 3 dias
Not Sure
Not Sure 3 dias
Can anyone tell me who’s the model in 2:47? The second one with the Angel T-Shirt. She’s stunning
Silvana Vizcarra
Silvana Vizcarra 3 dias
Barbara, such an angel though
Silvana Vizcarra
Silvana Vizcarra 3 dias
The song is really weak for a runway
Lawrence Laurenio
Lawrence Laurenio 3 dias
0:57 lip sync?