Ariana Grande - breathin

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Katherine Jones
Katherine Jones 17 secundos
After 7 rings too ?)
Dana Alajmi
Dana Alajmi 1 hora
She should color her hair to lilac think she will rock it !!💕
The Gamer Girl 2468LOL
The Gamer Girl 2468LOL 2 horas
Too much wine or alcohol is bad
Leno Jes
Leno Jes 3 horas
Brilliant 🌼🌼🌼
AbyLaDiva 3 horas
Am I the only one watching all of here new vids 😍
•Tiziana • R
•Tiziana • R 3 horas
1:23 _in this list there are next songs? because it says \'imagine\' and \'needy\', I want to hear AG5_
Magenta Ink
Magenta Ink 4 horas
Fun fact~ the flight times represented above shows the titles of her upcoming songs
Emaan Hassan
Emaan Hassan 5 horas
1:24 imagine
Victoria Oliveras
Victoria Oliveras 6 horas
Please watch Doyoung’s cover 🙏🙏
No JustNo
No JustNo 7 horas
Crush: what are you doing Me:
Jhosel Coria
Jhosel Coria 7 horas
Ray Young
Ray Young 8 horas
This song kept me going when I was breaking down during my boot camp experience
gracelove asaiedu
gracelove asaiedu 8 horas
lolli pop
lolli pop 8 horas
I watched asap science\'s video first now every time i hear this song i picture lungs
Rashonna Hall
Rashonna Hall 8 horas
That is what I tell myself when life gets crazy & negative people talk.I have to pace myself & keep on breathing without losing myself to idiots. I love Ariana!💛👑
N0000 N0000
N0000 N0000 8 horas
fuck off wanna two ,NCT , BTShit
Rashonna Hall
Rashonna Hall 8 horas
Ariana is already a legend queen!💙💛👑
fandomtrash_weird 9 horas
ok i will keep brethen
Myng Rose
Myng Rose 9 horas
Just J
Just J 9 horas
One time my gym teacher played and two of my classmates sing it all the time it’s like their theme song
Kitty Lover
Kitty Lover 9 horas
Oh there’s a airport too lol
Kids Galeas
Kids Galeas 9 horas
Anyone else keep coming back here to see the song list again
Kitty Lover
Kitty Lover 9 horas
I like how you made the background a bar and clouds! Cute
jackie love
jackie love 9 horas
Mentse a javirelyz35 smule please siganme
jackie love
jackie love 9 horas
Saludos de mi isla puerto rico
jackie love
jackie love 9 horas
Mi bella. Reina
melanie burns
melanie burns 10 horas
remember how at 1:23 everyone wondered about future songs... imagine came out after this
kyle bayhon
kyle bayhon 10 horas
just keep breathin if you dont want to die
smol hobo
smol hobo 11 horas
I I\'m I\'m g I\'m ga I\'m gay I\'m ga I\'m g I\'m I
Dona 15
Dona 15 11 horas
Go check out Nct Doyoung cover
Trap God 6
Trap God 6 12 horas
Remix this with Miley Cyrus
Katie Bartelen
Katie Bartelen 13 horas
I love her
KateLyn Goodworth
KateLyn Goodworth 13 horas
Ari your hair in a low pony is gorgeous!!!!!
Evelyn LoJa
Evelyn LoJa 13 horas
Sara Hektoen
Sara Hektoen 13 horas
The tracklist at 1:23 she hinting some songs?? Remember and needy
xristina koul
xristina koul 14 horas
You like that song? Gee thanks me too
Mailda Silva
Mailda Silva 14 horas
Tom Cooper
Tom Cooper 14 horas
I love you so much Ariana.
Lisa Zheng
Lisa Zheng 14 horas
You Are Not Going To Believe Who Ariana Thinks The Best Person Is Now read the first two words
Ramae Bogle
Ramae Bogle 14 horas
I look better without makeup
Syed Faiq
Syed Faiq 14 horas
2019 Who\'s here more than ten times?
Natalia Stołowska
Natalia Stołowska 15 horas
Stop at 1:24
Melissa Driza
Melissa Driza 15 horas
Sophie The Bunny Lover
Sophie The Bunny Lover 15 horas
*Mom Life* Just keep cleaning and cleaning and cleaning cleaning. I know I gotta keep, keep on cleanin.
Arii O-zlin
Arii O-zlin 15 horas
And they were ROOMMATES oh my god they wer roommate
And they were ROOMMATES oh my god they wer roommate 15 horas
i dont like ariana grande cuz shes better than everyone lol
Katie Thomas
Katie Thomas 15 horas
Like if this song is better than break free
Slimezzz Unicorn
Slimezzz Unicorn 15 horas
2019 anyone
RORO Shaheen
RORO Shaheen 16 horas
Anyone listen in 2019 ??? Just keep breathin\'♡♡♡
lara stone
lara stone 17 horas
Suzanne Melbourne
Suzanne Melbourne 17 horas
this song is so annoying
Mlg Kids 4
Mlg Kids 4 17 horas
Juan C Salvador
Juan C Salvador 17 horas
I love you and I love this song
Céline Riourt
Céline Riourt 17 horas
100 is coming ! Watch watch watch ! 😱❤️
k!tten :3
k!tten :3 17 horas
*When you have a cold and you can\'t breathe*
Narda Fallaque
Narda Fallaque 18 horas
I love brathing
shaavehlovely Clarke
shaavehlovely Clarke 18 horas
Whats so weird doyoung is the one who let me listen to the original song
xoxo Bambi
xoxo Bambi 18 horas
*Love love love love love love love love love love love love love* ❤️ *You* ❤️
Abdalslam Anqdh
Abdalslam Anqdh 18 horas
Peter Panda
Peter Panda 18 horas
se ve muy bien con el cabello recogido y de traje 👌
Bryce Kordia
Bryce Kordia 18 horas
Who\'s here after thank u next?
Zóra Szabó
Zóra Szabó 18 horas
Favourite song ever, Ari😍
Kiayra Scott
Kiayra Scott 19 horas
*You like my hair? Gee, thanks just brought it* ❤️
Moonlightsheesh V
Moonlightsheesh V 19 horas
Came here after 7 rings
Moonlightsheesh V
Moonlightsheesh V 19 horas
Sad to see that the mv is flopping
Me The Other Me
Me The Other Me 19 horas
Who listens to this shit???
Dalila Sehovic
Dalila Sehovic 20 horas
I love you Arianaaaaaaaaaa ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Casey-Leigh Taylor-Pickering
Casey-Leigh Taylor-Pickering 20 horas
Feel my good running swear the sky is faling just kept on breathing keep on breathing I know gotta keep on breathing
Cedric Collart
Cedric Collart 20 horas
Miguel Santos
Miguel Santos 20 horas
Thank you so much Ari ❤
Danielle Diakebolo
Danielle Diakebolo 20 horas
Je l\'adore 😍😍😍😍😍❤
ItsHyperRBLX 21 horas
Um i don\'t think i can stop breathing and breathing
maisie hi
maisie hi 21 horas
JUST KEEEEPPP BREATHIIIINNN I will remember thank you.
Dimitris K.
Dimitris K. 21 horas
Marcos Paulo
Marcos Paulo 21 horas
Vschi flopou
Nicole Agüero
Nicole Agüero 21 horas
2019?? 💣🤘
אמה לוי
אמה לוי 22 horas
breathin or god is a women?
Lola Is
Lola Is 23 horas
Hey, check my new cover🙆🙆
Julia Kaczmarek
Julia Kaczmarek 23 horas
Jakie życie taki rap,jaka świnia taki schab
Iulia Arghirescu
Iulia Arghirescu 23 horas
Ariana: just keep breathin\' and breathin\' and breathin\' I swear this is me when I\'m at the gym and someone smells like sweat next to me
xGqlaxy 23 horas
The next song will be imagine this is why 1:23
Ally Jay
Ally Jay 24 horas
Underrated song!
person 2
person 2 24 horas
I love all of your songs
Ade Lopez
Ade Lopez 24 horas
Damn didn’t even know she had a video to this song ☠️
lidette711 1 dia
I just saw this on a local music channel. Compared to other Ariana songs, this isn\'t as overhyped, but I LOVE IT!
mustabshira ali
mustabshira ali 1 dia
Did anyone see her next songs names Imagine 7 rings Remember Needy Two of them are already out
fleur Hendriksen
fleur Hendriksen 1 dia
7 rings or breathin? DUH 7r
Pablo César
Pablo César 1 dia
Pablo César
Pablo César 1 dia
Pablo César
Pablo César 1 dia
•ˏˋ Ꭺცʂɬγųʂɛ ू.x
•ˏˋ Ꭺცʂɬγųʂɛ ू.x 1 dia
Even though version by Ariana and Doyoung seem different of same song, I like both. The lyrics are what I need to survive. (」゚ロ゚)」
유튜브TVH 1 dia
ceylinx özen
ceylinx özen 1 dia
singing time
singing time 1 dia
I\'m breathing
Paola Flores
Paola Flores 1 dia
Ariana: Just. Keep. Breathin and breathin and breathin and breathiiin. Choir and Band directors: Just. Don\'t. Breathe there or breathe there or breathe there or breathe thereee
Rhick Deuel Esteves
Rhick Deuel Esteves 1 dia
Thank you for this song, Ari. This song inspires me every day.
Sahanaj Khatun
Sahanaj Khatun 1 dia
l LOVE this Song 😍
mekeups Freak
mekeups Freak 1 dia
mekeups Freak
mekeups Freak 1 dia
mekeups Freak
mekeups Freak 1 dia