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Inger ABC
Inger ABC 4 minutos
Q intenso :v
Tharushi X
Tharushi X 5 minutos
Ummmm new fave girl group???
Ruth leticia Espinola
Ruth leticia Espinola 9 minutos
Son preciosas😍😍
neggazi ratiba
neggazi ratiba 9 minutos
لجزاءري ولا لعربي يخبط جام وربي يحفظ كم
Diego Boom
Diego Boom 10 minutos
today 60M? 💜
지유jiyoo 13 minutos
NO BS 14 minutos
3:12 Ryujin 🤦‍♀️😂 *what is she doing?*
te amo Mamone
te amo Mamone 17 minutos
Like si las amas Y escribi #blackpick 👑👑👑👑💎💎💎💎
Addison Beasley
Addison Beasley 22 minutos
60M fighting 👊🏻!
Pykaji i
Pykaji i 24 minutos
Honestly their song are addicting asf but no hate or what just my honest opinion from 2:46 - 2:59 mins its kinda bit like “cheerleaders concept” which TWICE well known for their cheerleaders concept, I suggest maybe next time they will represent their own concept, I wish they can make a concept like Miss A, bold, sexy, swag but still following the trend. I have high expectations on this group, maybe they will change people perspective on new JYP E concept. But whatever I still support this group for sure ❤️
Dani_2612 25 minutos
I think Chaeryeong is my bias uwu ₍. ̫.₎
Carmen Holtrop
Carmen Holtrop 27 minutos
wow the youngest member is only 2 years older than me.. I\'m-
Ilyunicorn 29 minutos
At first I didn\'t want to listen to this song because I tend to not listen to other girls groups that are my AGE. However, I listened to this song once and it kept playing in my mind over and over again like Emma Stone getting addicted to the song from the card that she hated from her grandma in Easy A. Now this song is like my favorite. I\'m happy I trusted my guts haha.
Jimin-ssi 7u7
Jimin-ssi 7u7 35 minutos
holiwis \'3
Dane Major
Dane Major 35 minutos
itzy is really different, they shine brighter than everyone else ;)
Leo's Mommy Nyum-nyum
Leo's Mommy Nyum-nyum 39 minutos
They lipsync though, just like their seniors tsk tsk #untalented
YAY SF 40 minutos
半夜感动 重新开始看女团
Vitoria 42 minutos
gente, elas são incríveis mds
Kartoffeleier ei
Kartoffeleier ei 44 minutos
Thumbnail looks like blackpinks ddu du du du du
thalaskie 49 minutos
Yeji is the queen of ponytails.
Jorge Correa
Jorge Correa 52 minutos
Can\'t wait for some itzy bts interactions during awards shows this year. Hopefully jimin jhope and jungkook remembers them.
svt is a total mess
svt is a total mess 53 minutos
Who else thinks yejin looks like a cat?
켈리다야나 56 minutos
Who else came here everyday?
Juuh 657
Juuh 657 57 minutos
Puhoko Khieya
Puhoko Khieya 60 minutos
Itzy is better than bp What do u think guys? Bp is nothing in front of them 😆😆
Lighty Dark
Lighty Dark 60 minutos
I like Yeji but I\'m also jealous of her because she dances very well and looks like the same with my baby Hyunjin 😖❤️
Daen 1 hora
2:13 “la voz de anuel” xdxd
changbin's grr
changbin's grr 1 hora
*it\'s okay if you don\'t like the song.*  *_ITZ different_** , so only intellectuals like it.*
THANOS • 1 hora
glen poy
glen poy 1 hora
their music is like TWICE music \"to me\" i kind of not liking the music first time hearing the song but then i always come back listening into it, after a week i already memorized it and playing the song in my playlist, just sayin
ayye ayye
ayye ayye 1 hora
I just want to say thank you to any itzy stans who have been voting for loona that\'s really kind of you❤
changbin's grr
changbin's grr 1 hora
*ITZY\'s hair have a mind of their own, they\'re so talented being the 6th member of ITZY*
Kimchi_C K.C
Kimchi_C K.C 1 hora
First i though it was Meghan Trainor Me Too if you listen well right?
Tanya _xx
Tanya _xx 1 hora
Any Yuna fans? 👇
_ roseismyoxigen
_ roseismyoxigen 1 hora
To be honest, I think their song WANT IT would’ve been a better debut song, i am not really satisfied with this one. But thats just my opinion so dont come @ me ;)
Akane Laflammerouge
Akane Laflammerouge 1 hora
true jacky
true jacky 1 hora
Omg 2nd win YESSSSS ! I’m not crying you are crying 😭 ❤️ ITZY FIGHTING ❤️ I’m so proud
Trường Lê
Trường Lê 2 horas
KBC K-Pop Itzy Win 1st Hit Dalla Dalla 2019
Diamond Chiwawa
Diamond Chiwawa 2 horas
El cliché de empezar el mv con alguien caminando 00:01 😠
춤추는쩡이 2 horas
Jyp도 여기서 메보랑 메인댄서 뽑느라힘들었겠다 다 너무 개성넘치고 귀엽고이쁘고매력있고 다하네 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Dakota Victor
Dakota Victor 2 horas
Sao view tự dưng tăng chậm vậy?
Isabella Ghaster
Isabella Ghaster 2 horas
Daymmm This is amazing!!!
I love BTS
I love BTS 2 horas
The lyrics... totally describe me I love this song💜💜💜
everything is yellow
everything is yellow 2 horas
oMG 2nd WIN!!!!! Your \"overrated, flop itzy\" did that bitzys:D
Susana Rojas
Susana Rojas 2 horas
subele la madre weyy
Катя Пугач
Катя Пугач 2 horas
Стиль 🤙🤘
putri ayu
putri ayu 2 horas
oh jdi ini toh lagu yg dinyanyin temen2 k-popers gw, sampe hapal njir keseringan dinyanyiin mrk
kim seokjins jokes are hilarious
kim seokjins jokes are hilarious 2 horas
someone took bts\'s \"love yourself\" bit too serious
Hope Gitty SeokJin
Hope Gitty SeokJin 2 horas
Bluesapphire0000 2 horas
Yeji : my life Me: dead
Love Yourself
Love Yourself 2 horas
Mirza Hassan
Mirza Hassan 2 horas
I am Muslim and this song helps me don\'t care about the haters and islamophobics.THANKS ITZY
anna 2 horas
can y’all stop comparing itzy to other groups ? it’s really annoying,,
Namjoons Dimples
Namjoons Dimples 2 horas
i didn’t really like it at first but now i absolutely love it!! i’m pretty sure this is the case with a lot of people lol
itsmeyukiedcq II
itsmeyukiedcq II 2 horas
nice nice 😍😍
Luanlimavieira Lima
Luanlimavieira Lima 2 horas
Qual a idade delas??
Black Sugar
Black Sugar 2 horas
This is such a amazing debut song... They already win a award for this!!!
Аоаооала Чььалаа
Аоаооала Чььалаа 2 horas
Where are you listening from?🌍
Erick Velazquez
Erick Velazquez 2 horas
Two wins!!!! 🏆🏆
Rayssa soares
Rayssa soares 2 horas
Yuna ❤
Sheep Rocker
Sheep Rocker 2 horas
Blackpink Version JYP 😆😆😆
Butterfly Gowon
Butterfly Gowon 2 horas
Amanda Kathlleen
Amanda Kathlleen 2 horas
3:01 AT 3:09: I wish I could scan the girls TT. SCANNER THE SUCCESS
phoebe 2 horas
the song got me addicted
Nitz Jimenez
Nitz Jimenez 2 horas
Soooo proud of them❣❣❣😘😘😘keep slayin\' sisters 😘😘😘😘
Loulou Melissa
Loulou Melissa 3 horas
Best song i like it !!!
Kpop Life
Kpop Life 3 horas
F X VIC 3 horas
I really hate at those people who keep mentioning about the “big 3 privilege”. Saying that itzy dont deserve the hype and they got the attention just because they’re from big3. Seriously sis?? Them coming from jyp doesn’t guarantee them a success straight away. Yes, they received more attention bcs of jyp, they get more promotions and exposure. But they deserved that! They worked hard to be able to debut.. dont say that they get it easy as if chaeryeong doesn’t spend her childhood training to be an idol, from being in kpop star to finally becoming a trainee in jyp, later just to be eliminated in Sixteen and now she’s finally getting what she deserves! The same goes to the other members. DONT DISREGARD THEIR TALENTS AND HARWORKS JUST BCZ THEYRE FROM THE SO CALLED “BIG3”!!
Sabrina Nogueira
Sabrina Nogueira 3 horas
Ainnn viadon
Angel Carruyo
Angel Carruyo 3 horas
60M right in the corner!
Wenda Andriansyah
Wenda Andriansyah 3 horas
Who is the centre? Mukanya sama smua 😔
I sold my soul to Lucas
I sold my soul to Lucas 3 horas
1:45 i wonder where I have seen this before? Big bang’s bang bang bang?
yoonseok's baby
yoonseok's baby 3 horas
lets 100 million *FİGHTİNG!*
Mirna Ondo
Mirna Ondo 3 horas
ITZY second win! 🎊🎉
Stream dalla dalla ITZY
Stream dalla dalla ITZY 3 horas
I\'m still here
Blanca Rodriguez
Blanca Rodriguez 3 horas
They are pretty and good
BTS A.R.M.Y 3 horas
She is copy to bts and the song name of go go go dollar dollar of bts and the background dna of bts👎👎👎copy cats group☹
Serlie XOXO
Serlie XOXO 3 horas
Lama2 dengar fun juga Btw Exo_Tempo sama Love shot soon 100M.
Qiswan Nazarif
Qiswan Nazarif 3 horas
I love this song, but Ryujin is my bias. So, she got the most less line. I\'m not satisfied. I hope next comeback JYP do some changes and Ryujin got more line. Ryujin is also good in rapping.
Glitter Pink
Glitter Pink 3 horas
😍😍😍 I love this music
sweet rose
sweet rose 3 horas
They look like blackpink 🌸
daniel Cabeza de nepe
daniel Cabeza de nepe 3 horas
omg good mv is good welcome youtube itzy
Rice Cookie
Rice Cookie 3 horas
Yes. ITZY brought another win on music bank. Congrats ITZY!
Kpoptrash Dad
Kpoptrash Dad 4 horas
Holy fuck I love <3
J-hopeee 4 horas
ITZY :just keep dream BTS:no more dream Xdd
lkuukiks 4 horas
Adrian Valencia
Adrian Valencia 4 horas
Can we reach 60M in two weeks? Come on, let\'s do it!
kokie bts
kokie bts 4 horas
Waw it\'s beautiful
VividShii 4 horas
Keep streaming ✨🥰 Omg almost 60M
tatiana robledo
tatiana robledo 4 horas
Wow is beauiful the music <3
ITZY LOVE 4 horas
Success girls my utt is the Yeji ❤😍
Xue Ying
Xue Ying 4 horas
song not bad, style and concept is good for me, i prefer girl crush concept than cute concept
Sara Marques
Sara Marques 4 horas
60M soon, keep streaming 🔥
집에 가고 싶다ᅲᅲ
집에 가고 싶다ᅲᅲ 4 horas
왜인지는 모르겠는데 뭔가 뮤비가 투애니원 생각난다...
JeniferNoodles 4 horas
the girl at 2:00 looks like Sana!
V Martinez :3
V Martinez :3 4 horas
Viciada estou nesse hino
Sudenaz Sönmez
Sudenaz Sönmez 4 horas
I love this song! *ITZY Fighting!*
Redeemer Feero
Redeemer Feero 4 horas
lets make 60 million today 📈
T a e r i ;
T a e r i ; 4 horas
arronlee33 4 horas
Rare to achieve multiple No. 1 as Itzy just debut as Rookies!!! :-) Hope they remain humble & not arrogant as easy success may be taken for granted. :->Keep up the good work, girls! :-]