Shawn Mendes - "Youth" ft. Khalid

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Maria Teresa Marra
Maria Teresa Marra 3 minutos
This is the best video I’ve EVER seen
Arian Salehi
Arian Salehi 1 hora
Mash Allah ......💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Jocanor 1 hora
As a French girl, I don\'t live with the weight of weapons but I can imagine the importance of this fight to protect people and almost every child in the world. I\'m not American, but I\'m human. And I support you. Let\'s be courageous to show the world our generation is so much stronger than it could seem. 🌎❤
Ego Supermanef
Ego Supermanef 1 hora
Please listen my cover YOUTH with Alwi
Bùi Thu Ngọc
Bùi Thu Ngọc 2 horas
Damn it, why shawn mendes is so handsome?
Khushi Saba
Khushi Saba 2 horas
I\'m in love with this song and mv😍.......
Oliwia Fortuniak
Oliwia Fortuniak 2 horas
I love it!❤️
Daisy On The Moon
Daisy On The Moon 2 horas
Hey! My new cover \"In My Blood\" is ready now! :)
nurul nabilah
nurul nabilah 2 horas
you are the true \"IDOL\" shawn mendes
wanmuizz mahmood
wanmuizz mahmood 2 horas
1.26 ❤️
No time for Hate
No time for Hate 3 horas
I can’t express how much I appreciate this post not only is it spreading awareness to gun violence, but also spreading diversity,and showing us that the younger generation has a voice that deserves to be heard and not shoved in the corner ♥️
Snsnnzn Benned
Snsnnzn Benned 3 horas
Boy let’s get married😂no but seriously my mom talked with the Muslim when he prayed to allah my mom did too when it came,bc we’re Muslims too😍
SY spotoffer
SY spotoffer 3 horas
thankyou so much shawn mandes. you bring Alfatihah on this video
Ezra Golda
Ezra Golda 3 horas
I\'m cryinggg :\'))))
Rameen Rafiq
Rameen Rafiq 4 horas
Can\'t get this over me!
Ariana Evagee
Ariana Evagee 4 horas
The people who disliked read it wrong and thought Dis I like
Smart Girl
Smart Girl 4 horas
so impressive👌👌👌❤❤❤
pau min
pau min 4 horas
Me encanta esta cancion 😍😍😍
afrah far
afrah far 5 horas
I\'m muslim and im so proud of you shawn. thank you shawn for make this video its so inspiration. I love you❤❤❤❤
kpopsarangheyobh Hihiooo
kpopsarangheyobh Hihiooo 5 horas
kpopsarangheyobh Hihiooo
kpopsarangheyobh Hihiooo 5 horas
Jan Rumman
Jan Rumman 5 horas
This song deserves a Billion views
abhaypd 5 horas
This video should win Oscar, Grammy and all the awards 😁
abhaypd 5 horas
Love this song with my life.😃😭
Hira Shaheen
Hira Shaheen 5 horas
Amazzzinggg workk... sooooo sooo proud of you ...... and thankx for showing muslims recite.... very very thank fullllll ..... shawn ur not like others ... ur work is. Different which makes u different .... emmm sooo happy i cant tell ❤❤❤❤❤❤ 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Moksh Pathania
Moksh Pathania 5 horas
You can\'t take my youth away . Inspirational 😘😘😘
Moksh Pathania
Moksh Pathania 6 horas
This sent an important message for us. Shawn and Khalid are icons
Sol 6 horas
This is so beautiful. Thank you Khalid & Shawn and for everyone involved in making this!
Peace Lover
Peace Lover 6 horas
Respect everyone religion
Mame Kuti
Mame Kuti 6 horas
Thanks Shawn and Khalid for such beautiful song. There is no life without pain. However, we should not let it turn into hate, instead, change it into love and passion. This song really speaks to me and to all of us. ❤️❤️Shawn and Khalid❤️❤️ my idols in music industry
Cele Cele Stars
Cele Cele Stars 6 horas
how about the gays?
Avenger Republik
Avenger Republik 7 horas
Terharu njir.... memang paling Top shwan mendes kalau bernyanyi...
Elizabeth Smitley
Elizabeth Smitley 7 horas
Holy fudge that kid is a true superhero and deserves a freaking award I mean he’s 4 and is helping the homeless when there are people way above his age laughing at them
Diana Aulia
Diana Aulia 7 horas
Wow Shawn ❤
horses4lif 8 horas
This song is not Only beautiful for my ears, but for my heart. It’s so inspiring and I love it. I want to blast this at my school😂😂
Roda Teame
Roda Teame 8 horas
OMG Shawn you are really an insparition for all telling people that no matter what race, religion, gender, or age we all have a chance to do something great in this world!!! I thank you so much Shawn and Khalid and everybody else that supports this!💗 #allpeoplematter #youth
Bailey Henderson
Bailey Henderson 8 horas
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Azra Batrisyia
Azra Batrisyia 8 horas
Anggie Desprianti
Anggie Desprianti 8 horas
Beautiful. Really love this music video ❤
Rico Green
Rico Green 8 horas
This is a movement! Keep this up no one should give up what they stand for because other people look at them different your you not anyone else don\'t change for them change for yourself 🤙🤞☄
Lisa Goel
Lisa Goel 10 horas
Thank you so much for doing this beautiful video. My daughter is a survivor of the Douglas shooting and she knew six innocent kids that died. Every day for the past nine months I fear her youth and innocence has been taken and is now filled with Red alert drills and seeing Stop the Bleed kits in the schools! This is a great reminder that she hasn’t lost it, we can help her turn this around!
Kelly Ferri
Kelly Ferri 10 horas
📂Documents └📁Music └📁Shawn Mendes └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty
My Pride
My Pride 10 horas
Oh my God. I love shawn. He is the best singer in the world. 😍😍😍
Cotton candy SuperStar aj
Cotton candy SuperStar aj 11 horas
I’m Christian but anyways where is the marshmello callab oml
Liana Gao
Liana Gao 11 horas
*Not even through the intro and I’m already tearing up😢Thank you Shawn and Khalid for using this platform to spread such a powerful message💓💪🏼*
Sneha RJ
Sneha RJ 11 horas
TsalisGD Nabila
TsalisGD Nabila 11 horas
This is the most beautiful thing ive ever seen for today.
Stfu 12 horas
I m crying. Thank you 🙏
Fatima Aid
Fatima Aid 12 horas
I don\'t know why this song breaks my heart💔💔💔😢😢
Stfu 12 horas
Christelle Exavier
Christelle Exavier 12 horas
who could ever not like this song and video altogether because it\'s so amazing. ♥❤🙏💕(you can\'t take my youth away)♥
mena Mohamed
mena Mohamed 12 horas
I love you shawn 😢😢l want see you
Emiliano Freire Alvez
Emiliano Freire Alvez 13 horas
Uruguay presente , latinoamericana presente ,todos los temas de shawn mendes son de mis favoritos !!
Ethan Liu
Ethan Liu 13 horas
Can you plz sub to me plz I’m a big fan
Meral Mihoubi
Meral Mihoubi 13 horas
I love you but you can\'t use the Quran in your song Because it is an antiseptic and it is our true religion and You will be punished In Dunya before the Last
Frankatack1120 13 horas
Era musulmán y colocó una bomba en la escuela XD
Luana Vitória
Luana Vitória 13 horas
Eu amo muito💞
Luana Vitória
Luana Vitória 13 horas
LOREN Anderson
LOREN Anderson 13 horas
The ppl who *accidentally* hit the hate button probably just fell of there chair and hit it by *accident*
Super_ Ja
Super_ Ja 14 horas
😍😍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘KOCHAM CIĘ 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😍😍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Maylén Zuliani
Maylén Zuliani 14 horas
Are you Beatiful❤😍 AND genius Eres hermoso❤😍 y un genio
Basmalah Mohammed
Basmalah Mohammed 14 horas
Great 😍👍
Aurelie Lbr
Aurelie Lbr 14 horas
Finally watched it! Congratulations! One of my favorite song of yours, for its story, its message, for the positiveness in it. And this music video... Full of love, full of tolerance, full of life, full of fight, full of positiveness, full of wonderful people! Thank you so much for this video! This is a source of inspiration for a better world. No one can take our youth away <3
Nayeli Tovar
Nayeli Tovar 14 horas
Alicia Smith
Alicia Smith 15 horas
Gianluca Antônio
Gianluca Antônio 15 horas
I love music
emily ornelas
emily ornelas 15 horas
i have goosebumps 20 sec in
Bianca Erdmann
Bianca Erdmann 15 horas
você é precioso.
claudia vega florez
claudia vega florez 15 horas
The best singer(Shaw Mendes)
Fılız Sayın
Fılız Sayın 15 horas
7:00 💙
ali ahmadi 500600
ali ahmadi 500600 15 horas
so good
Haayanee Alvez
Haayanee Alvez 16 horas
♥♥♥♥♥♥ my gooodddddddddddd ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
e.v 16 horas
Shawn, Khalid and all the others thank you for understanding and spreading that it is not the religion it is just evil people.I love you all, wishing peace for all of us
Амина Зяикова
Амина Зяикова 16 horas
after this video u are my her Shawn. Great work!
Ruhin MadamX
Ruhin MadamX 16 horas
Wake up call to the reality outside. Society wake up your souls! ✋
Cecila Delgado
Cecila Delgado 16 horas
You the fats new team im ecuador rec????
Butterflies 17 horas
*The end got me dead*😭😭😭
Butterflies 17 horas
*The end got me dead*😭😭😭
Taeyo ARMY
Taeyo ARMY 17 horas
يرب ما اصيح جتني قشعريره كبيره😭😭
Ardy Yari
Ardy Yari 17 horas
Andreza gamergirl
Andreza gamergirl 17 horas
Cadê os BR?💚💛
Girdhari Bansal
Girdhari Bansal 17 horas
I love this song it\'s the besttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Love it Its amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩😘😘😘😘😘
Jana Sab
Jana Sab 17 horas
I heard this song by accident today and he did hit a part of me no one ever did. I\'m here stuck in exams,school drama, fake friends, family problems and being left alone. Just everything. Feeling alone made me a lil bit rude to those people who were here for me, i didn\'t notice at first i was changing, and its an awful feeling. I know people might\'ve never noticed what the hell is happening nobody ever noticed the change,how cold i became,but i felt it. I did have problems again this week , i heard this song before once but i was just meh, but today its different. And also Ahmads part made me feel so broken. I live there were the war is, and here seeing Shawn, such a model for humanity and loving his fans. Thank you shawn
MyMileT 17 horas
6:45 i thought she was rapping , sorry ;-;
Merouane Bendidi
Merouane Bendidi 17 horas
The message of this song is crazy and true.
Keren Kabundi
Keren Kabundi 17 horas
This song emotional hit me. I am a teen and some of these people have been judged by their age, but this song shows how powerful and important children, teens and young adults.✊✊✊👏👏👏🤝🤝🤝🤝
Halah Altukhaim
Halah Altukhaim 18 horas
Who loved the song more after this INCREDIBLE music video?
Arya kumar
Arya kumar 18 horas
Jamys Hope
Jamys Hope 18 horas
Eu só consigo amar cada dia mais esse homem
Jamys Hope
Jamys Hope 18 horas
Não esperava menos
Jamys Hope
Jamys Hope 18 horas
Tão incrível ♡♡♡♡
Maram Seavey
Maram Seavey 18 horas
This is my jam for the next 5 months
Goldentime XD
Goldentime XD 18 horas
I loveeee this its awesome 🔥🔥🔥#Shawnmendes u are Sooo freaking awesome #YOUTH You CaN\'t TaKe My YoUtH aWaY ayee
gökdeniz yıldız
gökdeniz yıldız 19 horas
very cool
fatima zahra
fatima zahra 19 horas
*Love you so much Shawn you are the best*
peacelife 19 horas
Hiba Larabi
Hiba Larabi 19 horas
Ooo my goooooood realy I love is song you know Shawn I realy love so much and your song😍😍😢😭😭😭
Archana Singh
Archana Singh 19 horas
Best song ever of shawn and khalid
Kieu nguyen
Kieu nguyen 19 horas
The video is wonderful, the song just perfect!
Kieu nguyen
Kieu nguyen 19 horas
The video is wonderful, the song just perfect!