The Chainsmokers - This Feeling (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

The Chainsmokers The Chainsmokers
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Elly Blossom
Elly Blossom 3 horas
I love Candice so much she\'s amazing
Vanessa Keller
Vanessa Keller 3 horas
The singer could be a model there too
Blinkeu Kim
Blinkeu Kim 9 horas
I forgot how many times i\'ve watched this only for Barbara
Mira Esendemir
Mira Esendemir 9 horas
Kelsea could walk at this podium❤️
Blinkeu Kim
Blinkeu Kim 10 horas
I saw Barbara, I clicked, simple.
Jeff Mcglone
Jeff Mcglone 10 horas
I love the chainsmokers but the ladies? The outfits were horrible!!
fortnite pro
fortnite pro 11 horas
Once upon a time a brown haired girl sang this feeling every one wanted to kess her she was so beatifull the end
SpyMaster 219
SpyMaster 219 14 horas
I\'m going to invest in a thin girl with a tight little ass and let her parade in some Victoria\'s Secret® lingerie for me.
Zoel Amp
Zoel Amp 16 horas
wait it was publish on my birthday lmao
Noël 1 dia
Candice is more than stunning 😍😍
Le Alessandro
Le Alessandro 1 dia
Oh my goodness Barbara Palvin rocks the stage
fortnite pro
fortnite pro 2 dias
Ss Uuu Pppp Eeeee Rrrrrr S So Son Song
Nutêllà 2 dias
Is it just me or is it that I think these models are waayyy too skinny?
sivorn mao
sivorn mao 2 dias
The first women that showed up is hell beautiful!!!😘😍
Doll Queen
Doll Queen 2 dias
Wow he\'s better now compared 2 years ago 💗
Barbra Palvin And Candice!!! Wow
Neelabh Agrawal
Neelabh Agrawal 2 dias
pretty ladies and a great song go together perfectly!
Sushanth Ramesh
Sushanth Ramesh 2 dias
Barbara fuckin\' Palvin. That structure💣
Cristhel Torres
Cristhel Torres 2 dias
Candice y Bárbara 😍
krithvi Rambojun
krithvi Rambojun 3 dias
What\'s ur feeling... to see how slim the models r and all the clothes fit on... 😶😶
Jessie W
Jessie W 3 dias
still my fav segment🎀❤️
Mariana Ramírez
Mariana Ramírez 4 dias
Barbara Palvin looks absolutely delicious... Im straight
Adam Schneider
Adam Schneider 4 dias
Chainsmokers only come out with bangers Name 1 song that flopped? U cant
Покорители вершин
Покорители вершин 4 dias
Barbar Palvin love u so much
ZeresChiu JingYi
ZeresChiu JingYi 4 dias
the model at 3:02 is really pretty !!
Rita Cássia
Rita Cássia 4 dias
Na Ann
Na Ann 4 dias
I think it\'s Victoria\'s Legend.
tanvir ahmed
tanvir ahmed 5 dias
Candice,Barbara and yes,ming Xi!
Ashwin Mani
Ashwin Mani 5 dias
Patrick Nguyener
Patrick Nguyener 5 dias
Kelsea Ballerini looks like a model! if I didn\'t know I think she was a VS model singing!
julien brassart
julien brassart 5 dias
The best is Candice 4ever
Zoi Matina
Zoi Matina 5 dias
Gregorius Erico
Gregorius Erico 5 dias
this floor amazing
Thanh Le
Thanh Le 5 dias
candice and barbara gorgeoussss
Albert 5 dias
Candice killed it, glad she opened the segment
Abd Manaf
Abd Manaf 6 dias
Jaqueline Santos Santos
Jaqueline Santos Santos 6 dias
Candice MY LOVE 😍😍😙😘😚😻
Rodrigo Penachio
Rodrigo Penachio 6 dias
What\'s name model 3:02 !??
wow wow
wow wow 6 dias
2:25 Barbara palvin
Emilia Szumińska
Emilia Szumińska 6 dias
99% coments is about Barbara palvin
Savannah Mata
Savannah Mata 7 dias
2:15 Stella maxwells legs look too skinny
Chantal O'Connor
Chantal O'Connor 7 dias
(This feeling)
Blinking Bulb
Blinking Bulb 7 dias
good vibes. It\'s what i live for.
Saif Kabeer
Saif Kabeer 7 dias
That girl at 2.32 😭♥️
인싸권민SIK -K
인싸권민SIK -K 7 dias
와 노래부르는언냐 몸매쩐다ㅠㅠ
nishkarsh dubb
nishkarsh dubb 8 dias
Barbara stole the show!!
Kartika Adriyani
Kartika Adriyani 8 dias
Barbara Palvin 😍😍😍 Dylan Sprouse is a lucky MF
BeyondGodz 8 dias
99.9.9% Barbara
fitrin yurensia D.D.S
fitrin yurensia D.D.S 8 dias
What\'s with the blurry thumbnail??
Taylor 9 dias
Barbara Palvin and Ming Xi!!
lotto 9 dias
Miranda Kerr is the 🐐
Byhna Edwards
Byhna Edwards 9 dias
love u drew
Maddie Willis
Maddie Willis 9 dias
Does ANYONE notice how beautiful Kelsi looks?
Spencer Hastings
Spencer Hastings 9 dias
Barbara I\'m falling you
krrish saxena
krrish saxena 9 dias
Xxbamafan 10 dias
I wouldnt fuck 80 percent of those girls
Love Valencia
Love Valencia 10 dias
I fell in love with Barbara Candice and Grace elizabeth best walk ever plus the chainsmokers a magical performance😗😍😘♥️♥️😚😙😙
Aprilia Maharani
Aprilia Maharani 10 dias
Barbara look very georgeus
Maria Koutsiona
Maria Koutsiona 10 dias
Barbara Fialho\'s wow was so cutee
Renzo Rivera Valdivia
Renzo Rivera Valdivia 10 dias
2:17- 2:40 lol those fake screams. The audience is literally clapping as much
Tanisha Rasealle
Tanisha Rasealle 10 dias
What terrible performers
It’s love to be a Victoria secret model but I’m only 5’3 lol
수선화 10 dias
넘 예쁘다 ♥♥♥ 노래랑 완전 잘 어울리고 자신감 넘치는 모습 넘 좋당
MD Kashif
MD Kashif 10 dias
3:33 atleast he tried..!!!😉🤣
divashalo 24
divashalo 24 11 dias
amazing how good chainsmokers sound - they must be lip syncing!
Crystal Rose
Crystal Rose 11 dias
Armando Sanchez
Armando Sanchez 11 dias
Hugo Felipe
Hugo Felipe 11 dias
de lejos barbara palvin la mejor....
DJ Anukx
DJ Anukx 11 dias
Awesome Smokers
Felipe Romero
Felipe Romero 11 dias
Barabara\'s hips rocking to the beat! Wow!
moch arinda
moch arinda 11 dias
Did someone noticed at 3:48 that the lighting effect on the floor was pop up even there\'s no one stepping on there.
angela espino
angela espino 11 dias
The Amazing Peach !
The Amazing Peach ! 12 dias
I look like a giant potato lol
Asnimah Landua
Asnimah Landua 12 dias
Candice queen babe 💋
Steven Krikor
Steven Krikor 13 dias
Someone tell me who that is at 2:35 rn
K Nine
K Nine 13 dias
The clowns\' 10 minutes are about up.
Jess Pask
Jess Pask 13 dias
Why does the song sound like it was written for the soundtrack of a barbie movie
Muhammad Hayat
Muhammad Hayat 13 dias
Barbara palvin fans like
Lari hyung sik
Lari hyung sik 13 dias
Barbara Palvin💜💜💜
sanya jeffrey
sanya jeffrey 13 dias
Only thing that would make this better would be more plus size models or even average sizes 10 and up
Silver Dove
Silver Dove 14 dias
Lyaman S
Lyaman S 14 dias
Barbara killed it
Farah Ammar
Farah Ammar 14 dias
People want curvier models..but when Rachel and Barbara come on,immediately they get fat do yall really want? I honestly want any body size that is healthy . thick or thin.
Jamie Kim Rmt
Jamie Kim Rmt 14 dias
2:25 💕💕💕
Akimoto4u 15 dias
awful singers...that dude is a joke
IYANGZ beats
IYANGZ beats 15 dias
Check out the instrumental on my channel :D
Baby Moon
Baby Moon 15 dias
Hatice Naz Çayan
Hatice Naz Çayan 15 dias
Barbara\'s walk is good but Candice is the QUEEN, no one can beat her!
Widya Astuti
Widya Astuti 15 dias
Damn! Barb.... superb!!!
dinasaurier_ 15 dias
Lorena is angelic. 💞💞💞
dayana xoul
dayana xoul 15 dias
I swear they got the best cameraman!
x o
x o 16 dias
Oh god Barbara looks just like an angel who came to the Earth right before the show.
ぽこ田ぽこ 16 dias
1番好き( ; ; )( ; ; )♡♡
Darkness Silence
Darkness Silence 16 dias
Two of my favourite singers singing + a fashion show going on + smiling faces + happy crowd......what else is needed.....sooo perfect
kim jongin is mine
kim jongin is mine 16 dias
Anik Beckan
Anik Beckan 16 dias
Jasmine Tookes is so beautiful.
Oliver A
Oliver A 16 dias
Damn idk why i hated all the new models like now i couldnt even take my eyes off of them and even didnt notice some of the angels like Stella i just realised she walked this segment lol.
imay 16 dias
Dosa ga liat ginian?:(
Mona Mobark
Mona Mobark 16 dias
Jacqueline Witkowski
Jacqueline Witkowski 17 dias
My heart is melting at 3:38 😍😭