Luka Doncic Full Highlights 2019.01.09 Mavs vs Suns - 30 Pts, 6 Rebs, 5 Asts! | FreeDawkins

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IBlewUponYourFace 5 dias
I’ve never seen NBA players play harder tougher defense than I have seen them play it on Luka. Lmao they really don’t like him
Leroy Watson
Leroy Watson 5 dias
The suns will beat the mavs in the 2023 Western Conference Finals. Believe me.
Leroy Watson
Leroy Watson 5 dias
The suns will beat the mavs in the 2023 Western Conference Finals. That I can guarantee.
Salomon Markovich
Salomon Markovich 9 dias
damn this guy is the real deal
Bryson Suttles
Bryson Suttles 9 dias
Can he play a couple of full seasons before the racists dick riders anoint him the goat lmao it’s ridiculous Luca brought a shit load of ppl that just like him and not the game of basketball i want rings from this guy regular season only impresses ppl that don’t watch basketball smh al these fake ass made up stats
Musiquina 9 dias
His rythm and style favors him in the turbulent-super athletic NBA flow. He wasn\'t using all his potential in Europe because Real Madrid had other play makers. He is showing an unbelievable IQ to shift his game to NBA style... nobody expected smthg like that
matic Šestak
matic Šestak 9 dias
Shinkansen 9 dias
He would never be considered any good, nor a ROY if he was black. Typical racists voting for “L”UKA the great white hope.
Arnolf Mendoza
Arnolf Mendoza 9 dias
now that\'s a real stepback, not that harden crap
Kirk Meyers
Kirk Meyers 9 dias
He the GOAT, until Melo get up in the league.
NoSideAB 9 dias
He is surrounded by spacers. Jeez. I think this overhype is because he is white in complexion. Hasn\'t really been a great white player in a while. I wish him the best, but this non-critical love is cringe worthy. Like no one talks about his defense.
Stefan Kazimirovic
Stefan Kazimirovic 9 dias
He is protected by the refs more then Harden,the nba is want’s a white superstar that is obvious,the guy is average.
Nebojsa Tomic
Nebojsa Tomic 9 dias
Too Srbine
BigAl96 9 dias
People going to stop saying Kobe when they shoot and yelling luka! This man stops on a dime and sinks it so pure! Makes it look so easy!
Claudio Gomes Sanchez
Claudio Gomes Sanchez 9 dias
If you pay attention to details, you wil see he drives with his left arm in the first two Qrtrs, he even goes coast to coast with his left arm. To do that, in the NBA, when being that young, shows he is already practicing IN GAME, to be ambidextrous. That takes a lot of confidence and skill... just saying...
Javier Castillo
Javier Castillo 9 dias
Wow, he is absolutelly a Beast. He is on its way to be the next GOAT
brian henry
brian henry 9 dias
Don\'t let this distract you that Ben Simmons is gonna still....  jk, that joke is so 2018
04 9 dias
I knew this dude was special after I watched him win the euroleague a couple years ago with Dragic
Luka Avbreht
Luka Avbreht 9 dias
Igor Kokoškov is actually not Slovenian like Luka, but he was the national team coach that won the Europe championship with Slovenia.
hejasou 9 dias
Vote vote
Matt I
Matt I 9 dias
At 0:35 there is a whistle. Shouldn\'t the ball be dead and the ball be taken out of bounds? Thus making the foul on the shot no longer relevant? Does the NBA value excitement over accurate following of the rules? Or am I just a washed up fool who doesn\'t know what he\'s talking about?
Alejandro Martell
Alejandro Martell 9 dias
Nunca verás a un jugador de la MBA ayudar a levantar del suelo a otro del equipo contrario.
RedJet 2Now
RedJet 2Now 9 dias
Wesley Mathews looking like a ninja
carlos gandulla
carlos gandulla 10 dias
Žarko Ostojić
Žarko Ostojić 10 dias
flopper lol
Most Wanted
Most Wanted 10 dias
Doncic is from my country and he was attending my primary school. At the time he was in about 9th grade I was in like 4th grade... sadly I dont remember him. 😓
Blacksican9 10 dias
7tachyon 10 dias
Luka already a GOAT.
pjdroidx 10 dias
Luka is amazing everytime I like to see him play, and I feel his fan and not even support the Mavs
Imran Tariq
Imran Tariq 10 dias
They say is having better numbers than MJ as a rookie . And that FACTS
freddie ramirez
freddie ramirez 10 dias
This kid is the truth “ I’m a Rockets fan and always hated the Mavs for no reason like I do San Antonio but this kid is special and I feel the need to catch the Mavs games now . Luka🔥 ROTY and maybe All star . 🤩
Mr. dude
Mr. dude 10 dias
Real Madrid\'s boy luka is killing it in NBa
topkekguy 10 dias
ROTY and year 1 All Star here it comes.
Alberto Luis Copello Cleger
Alberto Luis Copello Cleger 10 dias
fuera de liga Luka Doncič...God bless you man.
Jemar Cornelio
Jemar Cornelio 10 dias
Klay thompson and doncic. . mavs will campionship contender
lastStand1674 10 dias
Besides him being such a vesatile player and high basketball IQ, he has the clutch gene. He constantly makes great shots in clutch time with unbelievable confidence. A hall of famer in the making
Gabriel Afonso
Gabriel Afonso 10 dias
Every game he shoes you a move he’s never done before
Mahyuddin Koto
Mahyuddin Koto 10 dias
dsj out..dallas play is good for him..kleiber should be starter +25 plus minutes..with him dallas defence much beter... ..
mit4c 10 dias
last sentence was incorrect kokoškov is serbian
Marco Gardini
Marco Gardini 10 dias
This kid is born for basketball
John Erick Guevarra
John Erick Guevarra 10 dias
The real legal step back at its finest. 😀
Once a bust Always a bust
Once a bust Always a bust 10 dias
Luka Goacic
Boggie 10 dias
Manu Ginigganigganigganigganigganobili
MetalMike87 10 dias
Still waiting for Luka to stop putting up these numbers as all the haters said x)
Kurwin Saunders
Kurwin Saunders 10 dias
That step back is bonkers. Rubbing it in Phoenix face for passing on him?
Eduardo Del Angel
Eduardo Del Angel 10 dias
Vote for all star game
Jutas Jutas
Jutas Jutas 10 dias
clipside 10 dias
Suns watching the player they should have picked... coz they instead chose a slow footed center with the potential of a greg oden... 🤔
Russel westbrook
Russel westbrook 10 dias
7 101
7 101 10 dias
Dumb ass Suns should’ve chose Doncic, no disrespect to Ayton
wally1979 10 dias
1:40 step back... fake... this kid is special
Heshade 10 dias
The smile of the greatest, doncic has no limits, maybe the best basquetball player ever at his age
Oel Dave
Oel Dave 11 dias
He patented that stepback
Nidzeks Mocni
Nidzeks Mocni 11 dias
He is half serbian :D Serbian genes doing stuff
Miha Jamnik
Miha Jamnik 11 dias
Hunter Grey
Hunter Grey 11 dias
Prediction : First Unanimous Rookie of the Year of the NBA.
Hunter Grey
Hunter Grey 11 dias
Dirk + Nash = Luka Doncic
trifonakos82 11 dias
His basketball iq is out of this world
As U RuKaVu
As U RuKaVu 11 dias
Only 19 years old
marjan mitkovski
marjan mitkovski 11 dias
15 hours 281k views
Gixxer90 11 dias
Seems like Luka is better at step back 3\'s than he is at shooting free throws lol
Trolololololololololololololololololololololol 11 dias
White dudes love doncic
KJ4663 11 dias
Boy out there looking like Larry Bird
derrick ray
derrick ray 11 dias
That\'s my white son prettiest step back I have ever seen
Straight.m mmmnmm mmm . mm Talk
Straight.m mmmnmm mmm . mm Talk 11 dias
Luka is a very great player but Trae Young dropped like 35 points and 11 assist on one of the most trash NBA teams too but everyone dismissed it because it was against the Cavs. Luka score 30 and finally beats a Suns team who is missing Devin Booker and everyone praises him.
Zeyrion X
Zeyrion X 11 dias
can we talk about how satisfying that noise was at 1:07
Grant420 11 dias
He\'s good but he won\'t be nearly as good as LeBron, not that any other rookies will be either
Timotej Prevec
Timotej Prevec 11 dias
Yeah yeah. He can do this in trash ass NBA, but can he do it in the euroleague ??? Wait, what ?
Bryan Ralph
Bryan Ralph 11 dias
This kid is fucking nice this is what the Lakers need
Kaiden J.
Kaiden J. 11 dias
He started to get the Superstar calls as it seems.
Gale Frcic
Gale Frcic 11 dias
He ain\'t a rookie!
TheSaltMaker 11 dias
Luka Godcic
Ameer Ameer
Ameer Ameer 11 dias
He\'s a beast
Eric Zamudio
Eric Zamudio 11 dias
1:24 i like how skin just says \"what?\" after that shot lol
sifonstereo 11 dias
The best rookie in the history!
sifonstereo 11 dias
faboanthonyy martinez
faboanthonyy martinez 11 dias
49 ppl that disliked this is hawks fans
Jelena Ivanovic
Jelena Ivanovic 11 dias
Luka serbian
King Shango Sound
King Shango Sound 11 dias
Ayton who? Even has less rebs than Luka...
Stan Kormy
Stan Kormy 11 dias
MyNoseisDirty 11 dias
I seen someone actually say he should be in the mvp race when Donovan Mitchell did just as much last year actually more considering jazz ended up 4th and not 2nd to last in the west I get y’all love luka but a rookie does this almost every year MCW average 17 6 6 2 steals Tyreke Evans averaged 20 5 6 yeah luka is probably the ROY but even ayton is having a really good year at 16 10 but stop claiming this guy is the next MVP or he’s better than established stars it’s stupid
henry Wilson
henry Wilson 11 dias
is it just me or is luka getting faster? one of the criticisims of his game was that he wouldnt be fast or explosive enough to create his own shot in the NBA. in the beginning he used his IQ more but I think hes actually getting faster
Kaos Pat
Kaos Pat 11 dias
I think I am obsessed
michele galderisi
michele galderisi 11 dias
Hawks front office: a lot of depressed people out there :)
xXhayleyXx MSP
xXhayleyXx MSP 11 dias
Yessss luka dončič
rotem shaull
rotem shaull 11 dias
Luca makes all those giant black American players look like white European bowling pins
d oten_38
d oten_38 11 dias
moves and shoots like the GOAT white mamba..
angkur rongpi
angkur rongpi 11 dias
This kid is damn good.
C Jack
C Jack 11 dias
If Phoenix can just string a win streak of,say, 26 games, they could make the 8th seed. Luka is an absolute beast. When I was 19, I was playing in the alleys of Detroit and shabby rec centers, this guy is killing em!
Man Joe
Man Joe 11 dias
2 good, what?... The title image has 2 good, like, as in a stat?
House 720
House 720 11 dias
Vamos Luka!!! Hala Madrid!!
Azku Shang
Azku Shang 11 dias
And Phili commentators said they would take Simmons over Luka, hahahahaha bye bye. Luka > all the rookies of this decade.
T Johnson
T Johnson 11 dias
19 years old and already playing like a seasoned star!
Xiaotong Yao
Xiaotong Yao 11 dias
That long pass facing double, through four defenders, OMG
Ensign Gaming
Ensign Gaming 11 dias
Luka Donkey 😂 Luka Donkey 😂 Luka Donkey 😂 Luka Donkey 😂 Luka Donkey 😂 Luka Donkey 😂 Luka Donkey 😂 Luka Donkey 😂 Luka Donkey 😂 Luka Donkey 😂 Luka Donkey 😂Luka Donkey 😂Luka Donkey 😂
tim23tom23 11 dias
He is not a rookie....what the hell are people thinking
dustin barlow
dustin barlow 11 dias
The Mavs would be the worst team in the NBA without Luka to carry them.
John Smith
John Smith 11 dias
Rick Carlisle is a SABOTEUR. No Booker and this is the performance the Mavs come up with? And this is WITHOUT DSJ who everyone has been unfairly blaming for the Mavs\' struggles. Not to mention how DeAndre has his forearm wrapped (injury) and Luka has a back strain or whatever. No sort of meaningful ball movement, accumulation of injuries, etc... Rick Carlisle hasn\'t done anything since coasting off of ISO jump-shooting Dirk in 2011 to a title!!! Terrible coach–another one of these white cueball/cueball-adjacent types (Tom Thibodeau, Michael Malone, Steve Clifford, Frank Vogel, etc.)!!! Fire him before his incompetence risks you losing talent–you know, all of these fools saying \"trade Luka!!!\" or \"trade DSJ!!!\".
LooK253 11 dias
Kokoškov is not fellow countryman of Luka...Americans and their Geophraphy knowledge...
josh omera
josh omera 11 dias
hate the refs, fucking love Luka kids a monster but Mavs got 45 FT\'s compared to Suns 21 and Mavs are shit on the road( 3-18) i really hope we arent going to see a decade worth of phantom calls like Harden and James get all the time with Luka. Dudes a baller tho great player overall